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  • Bejayketan Guin
    Bejayketan Guin

    First problem : he feels safe in Maruti cars, especially Swift 😂 Secondly: MI be like mujhe kyun toda...

  • Hacker 007
    Hacker 007

    Mercedes A class ka exterior aacha nahi hai Aur BMW 2 series ka interior utna aacha nahi theek hai.

  • Shivang sharma
    Shivang sharma

    More luxury cars comparison


    Saala kis Chapri Admi ki gaadi review kar rahe ho 😂

  • Susovon Khatua
    Susovon Khatua

    Shirf tata mahindra aur kuch nehi

  • Rajender Rao
    Rajender Rao

    Maruti eco strong nikli Less damage

  • Janai Zeme
    Janai Zeme

    Yamaha should bring back the Enticer. Avenger looks complete flop.

  • Gaurav Padvi
    Gaurav Padvi

    Sir je. Hame up coming bike Pai. Video chiyeaa pulsar , ktm , Kawasaki....

  • davinder sigh
    davinder sigh

    Price for both cars


    Onroad price ??

  • Goldy Toxic85
    Goldy Toxic85

    Dono car fourtuner copy

  • Arpit Ranjan Rout
    Arpit Ranjan Rout

    hey I am a guy from your future came here to congratulate you for 2 million subs in advance love you Rachit sir , Virat sir and many other behind the scenes artists KEEP GROWING😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • Johnprakash #
    Johnprakash #

    About European brand car, Skoda have a CNG model internationally. So... Isn't it a taboo?

  • A M
    A M

    Amiron ki ciaz..🤣

  • Rail Lover Sayan.
    Rail Lover Sayan.

    Very Good Comparison Video for Mercedes A Class & BMW 2 Series Ki Motor Octane. 👌✌

  • Patidar Sonu
    Patidar Sonu

    Price kya h bhaiyo? I am confused bro ap batao konsi lu mai car budget 8 - 10 lakha diesel chahiye

  • Jagadheswaran. K
    Jagadheswaran. K

    English bro


    मुर्ख सब

  • Robert Hayes 64
    Robert Hayes 64

    Jaguar is actually much better and Jaguar is for richer people

  • Robert Hayes 64
    Robert Hayes 64

    The Jaguar should be a Mens Car And Mercedes C Class should be for Women

  • Ravi Chahar
    Ravi Chahar

    Koi chij badiya hai to km hi bikti hai

  • Mateen Gaming
    Mateen Gaming

    How stupid can u be literally they driving so fast even tho they cannot see anything

  • kmkumar215

    Hector gaddaron ki gadi, any one who buys chinese products is deshdrohi

  • Good Ones
    Good Ones

    This wilbe useful if its in English bro, we have 16 languages in India, not everyone knows Hindi...

  • Sourabh singh Rajpoot
    Sourabh singh Rajpoot

    Aaaaaaaaaa..... Its irritating😫😫😡

  • horrnett

    the alloy wheel design is so pathetic.

  • John stetus
    John stetus

    Mercedes fans ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vintage Cars
    Vintage Cars

    C pillar is designed by an Indian Management Professional doing lean six sigma. 😆😆

  • showkat hussain bhat
    showkat hussain bhat

    Looks paid video by competitors

  • beautiful smile
    beautiful smile

    Only Sir Tata Make in india🙏.

  • Jawed Imdad
    Jawed Imdad

    Most awaited vid

  • Pulkit Mishra Mishra
    Pulkit Mishra Mishra

    Really disappointed as you can't see real time mileage in mid of mg hector 2021 cvt

  • Ankit

    He used *best of the lot* sentence a lot of times

  • Depeck

    na lata hai na layega was awesome 🎉

  • Vipin Menon
    Vipin Menon

    Hey @motoroctane, is the storage in center armrest and glove box cooled?




    XL6 me cng lagwana authorized hai???

  • tarun n
    tarun n

    Ertiga mein kuch nahi hai bas CNG hai n wohi sales h iski baki kuch nahi hai

  • girish gawas
    girish gawas

    Most affordable to bola but didn't even mention it's ex showroom price in the entire video.. Come on Yar Rachit 🤣 I hope you add that part in your comparison Vdo as budget is most of the times the ultimate factor while making a choice unless one belongs to pro max ultra rich families🤣🤣 ..


    भाई जोर से बोला कर बहुत कम आवाज आती हर video में

  • Sagar Sharma
    Sagar Sharma

    Bmw 🔥❤️

  • Amandeep Saini
    Amandeep Saini

    Please do audio review as well when doing such reviews. Great work though!

  • Yokeshkumar Kj
    Yokeshkumar Kj

    Lauch date pls

  • Shivendra Pratap Singh Bhadauria
    Shivendra Pratap Singh Bhadauria

    Entry level kese hui ye😄😄😄😄


    BHARAT Mata ki jay 🙏🙏

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    Superbly detailed 👌👌

  • Srikanth Narishetti
    Srikanth Narishetti

    dont buy it. xiomi gave me 3 months warranty.a fter few uses the pump motor running but not blowing air. I have called customer service and visited atherised service centre. They just told me that throw it away as we dont have repaire service of it. I have just used it approx 6-7 times. i have ruined my money by buying this cheap product.

  • p anand
    p anand

    Better if mentioned mileage of two bikes

  • Tech help for you# Pema Chan
    Tech help for you# Pema Chan

    Guys how is Colour? comment below

  • Lakhan Katare
    Lakhan Katare

    Interior :- Audi A3 Exterior :- Bmw 2 series Comfort :- Mercedes Benz

  • Aastik

    Sorry for being observant...but bruh you dont look 6ft tall

  • Vatsal Singh
    Vatsal Singh

    Can you please make a video with BMW series 6 Gran Turismo. Thank you.

  • Tanumoy Bhowmik
    Tanumoy Bhowmik

    Is this also known as tiptronic transmission? @motoroctane

  • RJ Solo India
    RJ Solo India

    Sir force Gurkha modified launch date

  • Abhijit Oke
    Abhijit Oke

    Excellent comparo 👍👍👍

  • Sid ss
    Sid ss

    Nice review 👍 BMW service and spare parts are costly. Duke is better choice for mid range. If you go just above 500 cc price shoots up by 2-3 lac or more which is not worth. 390 is perfect balance of power, modern style, modern instrument and the price. I loved the TFT screen, if you can see GPS navigation on that with Bluetooth then nothing like it. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Amol Galande
    Amol Galande

    Triber AMT mai CNG successful hai?

  • Danish Johari
    Danish Johari

    Is it a right time to buy an adventure bike or should I wait?

  • Pujit Hajong
    Pujit Hajong

    Iam waiting of one year but 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tarun Tapan Dey
    Tarun Tapan Dey

    In every review ,it is come to highlight problem of steering , due to this reason ,it may be come to backfoot

  • shivakumar patil
    shivakumar patil

    Plz tell me sir which company scooter is best present day

  • Abid Rashid
    Abid Rashid

    Superb content 👍


    Can you please make compression video between sonet and ecosport ?

  • Parimal Kholiya
    Parimal Kholiya

    Muje sonet acchi lag rahi he

  • Atyab Mohammad
    Atyab Mohammad

    A class is look like a modified varna

  • Yash Agrawal
    Yash Agrawal

    Make more videos like this

  • dinesh garg
    dinesh garg

    Very good coverage bro..............I want this car for my wife.......I'm looking for 1350cc Petrol........want to know exact/practical mileage of the particular Engine mileage figures......if u help me i shall be feel so thankful

  • Siddhartha Ray
    Siddhartha Ray

    360degree camera ??? Is is there in alturus?

  • Stephen Fernandes
    Stephen Fernandes

    This vehicle built quality is low ( this is because of the price of the vehicle) 30k km above slowly things starts to loosen and for 30k i am sensing few sounds inside cabin . And fyi with this vehicle u can feel the road bumps easily sespension is too stif .