34,000km Wagon R CNG Review - Service is very expensive
Here is an owner of Wagon R CNG, whose service cost is Rs 7500 for every service. We speak to the owner about his car. Check out the video in detail.

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    • Quinton Charlie
      Quinton Charlie

      @Rex Beckham testing it out right now. Looks promising :)

    • Rex Beckham
      Rex Beckham

      not sure if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google :D

    • deepak awale
      deepak awale

      For my Wagon R showroom is charging 9500 to 10500 is charges higher compared to other cars pls provide some suggestions. M from pune tried various dealers but all are charging same..

    • Deepanshu Garg
      Deepanshu Garg

      Come with santro cng also

    • Rohn Amladi
      Rohn Amladi

      Plz make a detailed review on Electric Cars!!

  • Mayur Harsora
    Mayur Harsora

    Airbag nahin diya hai

  • AdiTube

    nic one thanks man

  • Rakshit Saini
    Rakshit Saini

    What about power


    jab ghar pe kisi se na bane to cng ghadi bhot sath deti h 🤣🤣 34k kia sal bhai m ake lakh chla du🤣🤣

  • Yadav Ji
    Yadav Ji

    Sac bola bhai👌

  • surbhit mathur
    surbhit mathur

    Always read owners manual and check what is to be replaced. Generally service center try to add synthetic oil nd what not.

  • Shun RSP
    Shun RSP

    Can anyone please translate this into English...

  • Karan Dua
    Karan Dua

    Santro aati hai CNG mein

  • Nandeesha N S
    Nandeesha N S

    How much can I drive with cng full tank capacity? with details please

  • anilkumar achari
    anilkumar achari

    Regarding maintence cost, its my suggestion that instead of giving freedom to service centre supervisor for changing engine oil, oil filter, air filter, ac filter etc. you tell them what to do.

  • Sanmeet Mohite
    Sanmeet Mohite

    Ninad be like "Aap ko to pata hi hai" 😂 nice

  • Sanmeet Mohite
    Sanmeet Mohite

    Ninad khush 👍👍

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar

    Pagal santro h na cng me

  • Amit Rajput
    Amit Rajput

    sir, same problem in WagonR in ac

  • Karan aggarwal
    Karan aggarwal

    Bhai sabsaa biggest point toh nahi bataaya car ki power meina suna haa cng gaadio kii pickup nahi hoti speed 80 to 100kml/h jaati haa kyaa yah nahi jaati 40/50 kii speed per hii chltii haa....


    Aunty aunty aunty 🤐

  • Veeresh Gowdru
    Veeresh Gowdru

    Hi Rachit, could you make a video on how Indian tax system will rip the Indians if they small car or a sedan or SUV. we can ask CA to explain.. how this tax system is not letting our country to grow, or get new technology to india.. Private company employees have already paid 30% tax on income, buying a car means we end up paying 50% more tax .. (this statement may not be applicable for most of govt employees because they get under table, hahah !! except (few good people).. this tax system will make us keep the car for our life 20 to 30 ++ years.. (I had a car back in 2006,, I drove from Karnataka to Mumbai on vacation.. a cop caught me,, it was a new car 2 months old as he could not fine me.. he told give 500 or else he will put a fine of 2k for coming to Mumbai on Karnataka registration.. well I did not have any choice in middle of road, I had to pay..)

  • Mahender Bishnoi
    Mahender Bishnoi

    Waiting for tiago cng.

  • jignay thacker
    jignay thacker

    Bhai isne kuch kand kiya hoga toh hi itna hota hai

  • Veeresh Gowdru
    Veeresh Gowdru

    Ninad spoke very well


    Wagonr service cost 2k 3rd free service

  • Pratik Borse
    Pratik Borse

    Rachit bhai ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • rakesh balwan
    rakesh balwan

    Sir i book nexon xm petrol on 17 jan Gurgaon but still not any confirmation date :(

  • Bhushan Patil
    Bhushan Patil

    Santro has something extra in engine for ac

  • Kevin :; Vansh Prajapati
    Kevin :; Vansh Prajapati

    Nice choice 😎😎😎👍👍

  • rohit tavade
    rohit tavade

    Are chutya Tiago se camper mat kar tiago to bap hai

  • Mukesh Nishad
    Mukesh Nishad

    Maruti Lutera Hai


    Most expensive service cost brand is Maruti only. People should come out of big Myth of cost effective Maruti........Go for FORD always better than Maruti

  • Groot Won
    Groot Won

    Please review Honda Amaze cng 2015 to 2018 modal.

  • Shubham Hushe
    Shubham Hushe

    Bhai ye Faisal khan wala review spot hai na ?

  • Nikhil Naik
    Nikhil Naik

    Thanks for WagonR CNG review....really appreciating one. I will go for it. 👍🏻

  • மனிதன் மாண்பு
    மனிதன் மாண்பு

    Panvel balaji symphony....

  • Rahul Chauhan
    Rahul Chauhan

    What a lad!

  • Typing __
    Typing __

    Bhai wants mileage so took tin can for CNG When he gets crahsed somewhere he will think why he skipped tiago Please see safety of cars first😐

  • Tarun Lohani
    Tarun Lohani

    Maruti is naam ki Indian company. No innovation nothing. Simply using loyalty of Suzuki since ages.


    Best dialogue : Wagon r itna bada kaise ho gya 😂😂

  • G Manoj
    G Manoj

    Cng selender come with 16,or 20 kg

  • deepak awale
    deepak awale

    Even I have Maruti Wagon R CNG and service bill is always in between 9500 to 10500.

  • Siddhartha Acharjee
    Siddhartha Acharjee

    Best Wagoner

  • Kaivan Kalyaniwalla
    Kaivan Kalyaniwalla

    I own a April 2017 Maruti Suzuki wagon r CNG done over 1,01,200 kms as on today. Over 50 trips to Goa and back alone..much more off road use many times due to my site visits...I am very happy with milage as it is affordable. It was bmy replacement for a motorcycle due to its comfort level with tools and material on long distance. Service cost can be controlled if you have the right use of vehicle speed and no over loading . My car does 80% highway rides and I do my vehicle service personally. No fancy stuff or accessories on the car or inside. Practical daily use car with basic amenities. Yes the plastic quality of headlamps, door handle is very bad..had to replace them with even the cooling fan motor at 81000 kms and just crossed my 3 year warranty.

  • zing zang
    zing zang

    Whenever u review Wagner please give credit to Arvind Kejriwal 😁

  • Jaswinder singh
    Jaswinder singh

    I have done 56000 kms in 1.5yrs in wagon r 1.0 petrol no problem at all and service cost is not so high it always depend on service center dealers

  • Dharmesh Mandaviya
    Dharmesh Mandaviya

    Is it have tilt stearing ?? How much cost difference between 1.0 petrol and CNG ??

  • Yogesh Birhmaan
    Yogesh Birhmaan

    Paid reviews subse jayada motoroctane

  • Ayush Niranjan
    Ayush Niranjan

    Please bring a video of Santro CNG and other CNG cars as the petrol prices have skyrocketed to exorbitant amount

  • Ayush Niranjan
    Ayush Niranjan

    We will love to have CNG in Ignis instead of Wagon R

  • joy banerjee
    joy banerjee

    Safety is like shit metal take wagon r and buy and term insurance 😀😀😀

  • Kumar S
    Kumar S

    With CNG if drive say 200++ Km And.....IF.. There is not CNG nearby !!! What options available ?

  • Jatin Hasija
    Jatin Hasija

    Tiago se zyda spacious 😂😂😂 Kaun hai yeh log

  • Tiprasa Baithang
    Tiprasa Baithang

    Really sir... I have purchased a new WagonR last month but service cost is really high

  • Saransh solankiiem
    Saransh solankiiem

    Sir Can you please post a video about Grand I10 Nios sportz CNG.

  • Rinit Rinit
    Rinit Rinit

    Epic: he loves tiago but to make running cost low he is compromising on life safety. 😁

  • Abhishek Guru
    Abhishek Guru

    Why maruti owners point out build quality? You bought the car and were very aware of such practice by maruti . If you keep on buying bad build quality cars do you think that they will improve ?

  • Virendra Mali
    Virendra Mali

    Bhai ye tin ke dibbe ka kon review banata he 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bibin Thampy
    Bibin Thampy

    35kmpl to mera scooty deta hai..

  • Sachin

    Rs.80/kg price hai CNG Ki Nagpur Maharashtra me

  • Amit Sawant
    Amit Sawant

    Please send me services center 🙏

    • Amit Sawant
      Amit Sawant

      Kharghar - Navi Mumbai -please send address

  • Sai Saswat Guru
    Sai Saswat Guru

    Sir Please Make Ownership Review of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza Petrol

  • Jayant Bajpai
    Jayant Bajpai

    Agar is saal bhi tata ne CNG launch nai ki to bhut loss uthana padega tata ko because its peak time har koi gade uthara he and priority is CNG

  • Infinity Games
    Infinity Games

    I get my elite i 20 servised in 5000 last And it includes everything in basic services

  • Loading

    7500???? I have Ertiga cng just completed 20k and the service costed 4,040 for full service at authorised center

    • Loading

      @India I had vw vento 1.5 TDI before, well power is less compared to it, but still 140-150 cruising speed is effortless. Range i would say depends on your right foot, be easy and goes easily over 200-220 km on full tank of cng, and at my "Cruising speed" I get 150-160 ish km range. Running is nearly half as much as I got in vento, same roads same driving technique.

    • Loading

      @India yes the 2020 cng variant

  • Sudhanshu Patel
    Sudhanshu Patel


  • Sugar Bhoir
    Sugar Bhoir

    Motoroctane team... Please make a video for Gomechanic service. Authorised service center are charging very high on labour charges.

  • Purnendu Ghosh
    Purnendu Ghosh

    The reviews are very genuine..AC is really weak and built quality is much poor..I am in same page with him..No doubt rest all factors are well.

  • Deepak Chavan
    Deepak Chavan

    I also drive wagon r cng 2020...its give me mileage of 180 km max with ac...without ac its run till 250km ...and its ac is very good not any issues

  • Vivek Lahor
    Vivek Lahor

    Please bring owners review on maruti Suzuki XL6

  • Nitin Behl
    Nitin Behl

    Is it underpowered with 5 passengers..?

    • Its_EVANDER

      1.2 that won't

  • Kaiffy

    Aare zaldi bol kal subha panvel bhi nikalna hai

  • Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma
    Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma

    U. Am. From. Indore

  • Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma
    Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma

    I. Have. Second hand. Vitra. Brezza


    Panvel 😂😂😂

  • Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma
    Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma

    Mere. Pas. Vitta. Brezza. Vdi. (o). Ha

  • Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma
    Barbiee ,. Poorav. Sharma sharma

    Hi. Bhai 👍

  • SHP

    Bhai meri ford 5k me ho jaati hai 🤣

  • Aayan Shaikh
    Aayan Shaikh

    Pehchan se jaao dealership mein so service thodi kam paise mein hoti hai

  • Krish Khemani
    Krish Khemani

    More CNG reviews!!!!!

  • Parth Patel 231
    Parth Patel 231

    Wagoner ka karo

  • Kumar 09
    Kumar 09

    Yes own 2 maruti vhiecle and one is Alto K10 CNG , I GOT LAST SERVICE DONE AFTER 30000 @ 8872 Rs

  • Saneet Bhaidkar
    Saneet Bhaidkar

    Already booked 2021 Cng Variant Autumn Orange 🍊 color from My CaR Vashi, the review I was looking for so many months "Is here" Excited for my 1st Car delivery within 1 week Thanks @MotorOctane

  • Aniket Yadav
    Aniket Yadav

    Bhai hamri wagonr ki service 3000

  • Deepjyoti Biswas
    Deepjyoti Biswas

    New Santro Cng is not available in mumbai?

  • Vishakha Kulkarni
    Vishakha Kulkarni

    This is the place where Faisal Khan vlogs the car

  • chandravijay vedantam
    chandravijay vedantam

    You did not speak about the pickup

  • Jit Nayak
    Jit Nayak

    One more Tin can owner💩💩🤣🤣🤣

  • Tejas Prakash Jhaveri
    Tejas Prakash Jhaveri

    I agree with Ninad on Maruti Authorized Service Center. For Alto K10 Vxi 2011 Petrol service cost per year is 6500-7500/-. The same thing gets done in local for 3700/- per year. Maruti Authorized Service Centers will reap you off. There is another instance where water was entering the car during rainy season. The Maruti Authorized Service Center guy gave me a quotation of 25,000/- to fix it. I got it done in local via welding for 1100/- Rs. Till today I have no issues with the car or the leakage problem.

  • Dheeraj Yadav
    Dheeraj Yadav

    Ninad ji meri running city me hai Agar mai wagnor le raha hu to mai minimum kitna mailage man ke chalu Minimum bataiyega Aur mai ek average driver hu na jada lite ecsiletar na jada hard ecsiletar press karta hu Plz reply

  • Bobby Chakraborty
    Bobby Chakraborty

    Wagon R is Wagon R. Naam hi kafi hai 👑👑👑👑👑

  • Bobby Chakraborty
    Bobby Chakraborty

    9:00 It called original misguide he purchased Wagon R if he get another opportunity he will again purchase Wagon R but he loves tata tiago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Narendra Jalamkar
    Narendra Jalamkar

    Santro is having CNG option

  • Pragun Chandra
    Pragun Chandra

    He is right. I have baleno and the so called affordable service cost is around 9k. PS. My last service cost was 11k.

    • Pragun Chandra
      Pragun Chandra

      @Johnprakash # 2300

    • Johnprakash #
      Johnprakash #

      What's the labour charge alone?!

    • Anand Kothari
      Anand Kothari

      Take quotation before handing over for service. That way they can’t overcharge

    • Pragun Chandra
      Pragun Chandra

      @Amit Patel shi m bhai. Ab m go mechanic try krunga

    • Amit Patel
      Amit Patel

      Lol,,,chutiya banare terko

  • Gagan the Rider
    Gagan the Rider

    Sir my plan is to buy a new car and my budget is 7 lakh, so pls suggest which petrol car is best for me.

  • Varsha Lahor
    Varsha Lahor

    Please bring owners review of maruti suzuki XL6

  • Doby's

    Very good review..... Rachit Bro....

  • Pradnya Karnik
    Pradnya Karnik

    Please bring a detailed review on Hyundai Aura CNG Veriant

  • Avinash Mirchandani
    Avinash Mirchandani

    Hyundai Santro has a cng option and is at similar price


    Maruti is everyone's first car. Hope Maruti does something with it's safety and security. Maruti can be serviced by anyone however since it is vulnerable to small and large hits and issues the number of time you service leads to continuous money going there..which becomes a large amount.

  • Motilal Sharma
    Motilal Sharma

    bhai tera smile badiya hai

  • Jagrit Sood
    Jagrit Sood

    Wagon r is very spacious compared to other in this range. Very nice review 😀 My favourite MotorOctane

  • Bodke Nisha
    Bodke Nisha

    Make a video of maruti suzuki new ertiga