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  • MotorOctane

    Apologies if I missed out your query in the live session. You can always connect with me, Viraat & our team of auto experts by dropping your queries on the link below

    • Abhishek singh
      Abhishek singh

      @Mahesh khair tata altroz

    • Mahesh khair
      Mahesh khair

      Renult kiger vs tata altroz


      @Sanjay Nyelam jeep compass

    • Abhishek singh
      Abhishek singh

      @Sanjay Nyelam go for safari automatic

    • Sanjay Nyelam
      Sanjay Nyelam

      If not hector and harrier what other car can be considered to buy? As i like the harrier but didn't like the hydraulic steering and lack of features which other does. I like hector too bcz of the feature it offered but the body roll is way bad on it. Now waitibg for the xuv 500 to unveil but last time i remembered is the bumpy and body roll ride which i hate the most on suv.

  • Raghav Raghav
    Raghav Raghav

    Bro pls make a video on EECO

  • 41 Nitya Patel
    41 Nitya Patel

    Bhai 13laks budget 6 people Running on highway max

  • Shams Shaikh
    Shams Shaikh

    Next video best car under 20 lakhs plzzzzzzzzz

  • doremon gaming
    doremon gaming

    Tata Safari vs toyota fortuner

  • Mithun US
    Mithun US

    Please suggest Petrol or diesel KIA Seltos I drive 40kms a day on an average



  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma

    Are bhai logo ye sab youtubers apni apni favourite chocies recommend krte he (baised) jaise mr Rachit nezon creta ko promote kr rhe he ,car guru amit ji sonet , Nexon,magnite, Rishab bhai xuv300 ko kete he kitne log sehmat he like krr

  • maximus kolakhe
    maximus kolakhe

    Lambo or aston martin in India?.. Service quality?

  • aman deep
    aman deep

    Bro ford figo 2011 Model 50000 km chli hai....1.95 lakh ki mil rhi hai....lekin chahiye ya nhi?

  • Sumeet shah
    Sumeet shah

    Kia sonet HTX imt or baleno alpha cvt

    • AppleBoyOw

      Sonet go for it

  • Anuj Sharma
    Anuj Sharma

    Brother where do I contact you I just wanted to do work with you as soon as possible I love to do for you for MRfor I need a platform dor this abd I think this channel and you're the best option for me mujhe kuch seekhne ko mile ga or aap ko ek trust worthy bhi mile jyega ❤️

  • CKing Sidhu
    CKing Sidhu

    sir please make video on innova crysta vs new tata safari

  • Tapaswini Kar
    Tapaswini Kar

    Rasit pls please please make a comparison of kiger vs magnite

  • Ujjal Mallick
    Ujjal Mallick

    Sir i want buy family car with 5 door 4×4. Should i wait for Jimmy? Because my budget less.

    • Sanjay kumar
      Sanjay kumar

      Filhal vhi hai Jimmy agle saal hai

    • Sanjay kumar
      Sanjay kumar

      Go for thar

  • Aditya rai
    Aditya rai

    Is there any demo on consulty service

    • Aniket Mishra
      Aniket Mishra


  • Aram vali zindgee :Sukh
    Aram vali zindgee :Sukh

    Wtf.. Kushaq at 17 L ? Lol

  • 7702

    Innova vs Safari?

  • Karan Arora
    Karan Arora

    Thank you for the session..🙏

  • C G
    C G

    I liked twice

  • Yashasvi Pratap Singh
    Yashasvi Pratap Singh

    Humesha live session miss ho jataa 😣😣


    Sponsored from Tata 😅 every 1 minute nexon best choice hai apke liye

  • Avinash Shukla
    Avinash Shukla

    Along with KUSHAQ will skoda assemble its koraq n kodiak here in India??

  • Avinash Shukla
    Avinash Shukla

    VW polo GTi any day

  • Saksham Srivastava
    Saksham Srivastava

    Rachit bro why everytime do you recommend creta and do not talk about seltos as both cars are siblings?

    • 7702

      Maybe bcs of safety rating of seltos🤔

  • Rajnish Kumar
    Rajnish Kumar

    Love 💕 you bro

  • sumit sathe
    sumit sathe

    Sir MG hector ya TATA harrier which one is the best suv to buy

    • G Deekshitha
      G Deekshitha


    • Shresth Kapoor
      Shresth Kapoor


  • piyush h67
    piyush h67

    Bekari like mat mang

  • sagar Samal
    sagar Samal

    Maruti Suzuki = plastic box.... Easily pichak jata he

  • Manish Bhardwaj trustworthy real channel
    Manish Bhardwaj trustworthy real channel

    Kar diya like bhai 😉👍

  • Harsh Kothari
    Harsh Kothari

    Bhaiya nexon DCT kb tak aa skta h

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma

    Sir pls make owner review of kia sonet

  • FireMaster Q
    FireMaster Q

    Magnite Vs kiger

  • Commando PML
    Commando PML

    Best 7 Seater With Great Engine (Atleast 2000cc power) Under 20 lakhs and overall a great package

    • Commando PML
      Commando PML

      @Anish Paunikar Marazzo doesn't have 2000cc engine 😕

    • Anish Paunikar
      Anish Paunikar

      @Commando PML Hector is chinese, safari is better . If you need petrol suv then only go for it. Also marrazo is vfm at 15L.

    • Commando PML
      Commando PML

      @Anish Paunikar Ok added in the list and what about MG Hector+ 🤔

    • Commando PML
      Commando PML

      @Yogesh Singh Launch toh hone do bhai unka mood hi nhi hai launch krne ka 😂 aur shayad iska base model 18-20 lakh ka hoga 😶

    • Anish Paunikar
      Anish Paunikar


  • Gumption

    Har thodi der baad Tata and Nexon 🙄

    • Abhishek Jan
      Abhishek Jan

      xD haan paid lgta h ye

  • pranjal Samer loka cow lover
    pranjal Samer loka cow lover

    You are married

  • Amit Jain
    Amit Jain

    You have the wrong view about Kushaq's pricing. 1 Lt automatic will surely not be more than 15.75 on road. It will remain in showrooms if they will go over that. 1.5 DSG will come around 18 lc

  • Ganesh Joshi
    Ganesh Joshi

    Will you please advise me as to choose two best cars status and performance oriented one for self drive and other for chauffeur driven for long drive .pl suggest best available options irrespective of the cost

  • Naik Kunj 6-c Roll No-39
    Naik Kunj 6-c Roll No-39

    TATA tigor CNG lonch date

  • Abhishek Ormalia
    Abhishek Ormalia

    Altroz xe me xz ka alloy wheel laga sakete hai kya ?

  • Vikram bakshi
    Vikram bakshi

    Asking for likes is a tad putoff mr. ...

  • Tanmay De
    Tanmay De

    Skoda octavia 2021 launch date

  • chandra prabha
    chandra prabha

    Please do a review of zen estilo LXI variant

  • Tez chal raha hu
    Tez chal raha hu

    7seater under 10 lakh sir plz rply



  • parash das
    parash das

    Compact suv under 12 lakh in petrol which give average mileage 14 km/l.....

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma



    Guys please like karo sir bahut mehnat karte hai


    Sir bahut mehnat karte hai 1 like to banta hai

    • Commando PML
      Commando PML

      @Abhishek Jan 😂

    • Abhishek Jan
      Abhishek Jan

      Yes 1 like for tata promotion to dena banta hai xD Fanbois why arent u liking xD


    I want to buy a big compact SUV below 20 lacs, petrol engine. Daily travel 70 km

    • Abhishek Jan
      Abhishek Jan

      wait for ford territory.

    • Yogesh Singh
      Yogesh Singh

      Ye Big compact suv kaun sa segment h bro....😁😁😁😁

    • Nitish roll no 44 class lX mbs
      Nitish roll no 44 class lX mbs

      Kia seltos


    Please like this video

  • bharath jathan
    bharath jathan

    Cars r overpriced in india, road tax in Karnataka is like 25% highest in India, also the prices of petrol almost 100. Owing a car in India, maintenance cost, worst road conditions plus Indian car companies also overprice car. Can you plz let us know when will one nation one tax will be implemented. Thanks, one of the best auto review channel in India.

  • Dada

    Rachit sir after every 1minute:Tata nexon best choice h apke liye😂😂

    • the rakshit
      the rakshit

      @Navneet Nayan aisa such me h kya brother??

    • Navneet Nayan
      Navneet Nayan

      No no, humse consultant krye humse consultant kro and consultation fee 5000 , specialist doctor se bhi jyda

    • pro shooter
      pro shooter

      @the rakshit 67 lakhs mein bhi koi korean aur maruti ke tin ke dabbe bhi nahi kharidta

    • pro shooter
      pro shooter

      @Saksham Srivastava nexon's real looks much better than venue and xuv300 though sonet looks the best

    • the rakshit
      the rakshit

      shi kha bhai😅😅 mere pass 67 lakh hn mujhe suv leni h to kya main nexon lunga kya 😀😀 .saste logon ke liye nexon thik h

  • ashutosh Aditya blaggan
    ashutosh Aditya blaggan

    Sir pl make a video on safari pl

    • Ashish Choudhary
      Ashish Choudhary

      Kitne sari toh hai already go search.

  • Vikas Goyal
    Vikas Goyal

    Tata safari or Toyota Innova

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @7702 all indian happy seatcovers after thanking delivery and other fabric and clean with dicleaning

    • 7702

      @Shourya Sharma after a month or two it all gets dirty

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @7702 but colour only gives us feel of luxury car

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @7702 no adventure persona gets new colour theme it is yesterday news

    • 7702

      @Shourya Sharma safari's downside is top model has only white seats no other options

  • Vikas Goyal
    Vikas Goyal

    Want to buy MPV car, which one is best???

    • Abhishek singh
      Abhishek singh


  • Born Fighter
    Born Fighter

    1) Maruti Swift 2) TataTiago 3) Hyundai Santro 4) Jeep Compass 5) Fiat Punto 6) Ford Freestyle 7)Honda Brio 8) Mercedes A220 9) Renault Captur 10) Skoda Rapid You can thank me later

    • Santhosh Vanga
      Santhosh Vanga

      Where is Tata Altroz

  • Pankaj Chopra
    Pankaj Chopra

    When is brezza facelift expected

  • Jaydip Dhokiya
    Jaydip Dhokiya

    Under 30 lakh me konsi car best he run in highway daily 50 kilometer

    • Ashish Choudhary
      Ashish Choudhary

      Suv or sedan?

    • Anshul Singla
      Anshul Singla

      @Shourya Sharma yaaa then harrier dark edition is best.!!

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @Anshul Singla bhai endeavour ayga nahi or jeep ki service jada mehngi he or jeep ka network bhi nahi he jayada

    • Anshul Singla
      Anshul Singla

      Bhai jeep top ya endevour base.

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma


  • Abhishek bhardwaj
    Abhishek bhardwaj

    Creta sx(o) or harrier xza 0r safari which one is better .

    • One a
      One a


    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Harrier safari big car more power more space

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Safari or harrier best

    • Sandy S
      Sandy S


  • nk

    1st car, need automatic budget 8 lacs. Priority safety and good engjne

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Will not feel many jerk and jerks can compromised but not safety so nexon

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma


  • Naresh Gupta
    Naresh Gupta


  • niranjan shetty
    niranjan shetty

    Does mahindra TUV fit under compact SUV segment?

  • Soumyasree Mitra
    Soumyasree Mitra

    What is the avg mileage of Tiago?

    • Soumyasree Mitra
      Soumyasree Mitra

      @AJAY MEHTA Thank u


      Tiago petrol ave.16kmpl city & 22kmpl highway driving eco driving mode

  • Rakesh Sahal
    Rakesh Sahal

    Renault triber

  • Alok savan
    Alok savan


  • himanshu agnihotri
    himanshu agnihotri

    Skoda Kushaq

  • Chirag Vaghela
    Chirag Vaghela

    Car companies are cheater, cars worth 12 lacs even not giving head rest at rear seats.

  • Aarav Bhardwaj
    Aarav Bhardwaj

    Apne mughe apni 2m special video me sponser ni kiya sir

  • Yatharth Gupta
    Yatharth Gupta

    Kia sonet owners review please 🙏

  • Ask Your Computer Problem by Anup
    Ask Your Computer Problem by Anup

    Maine 2 like kiye


      Bhai ye to hui majak ki bat. But sir bhout mehnat karte hai like to karna chahiye


      Aap 3 like kare

  • Skynet ca
    Skynet ca

    How many times do you beg for likes in 1 video?

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Hard work karte he thoda ache bolo

  • Raj Sinha
    Raj Sinha

    Sir Honda amaze ka facelift kab takk aayega

  • Jasminder Singh
    Jasminder Singh

    What abt ciaz atm top end petrol , mostly city bufget max 13 lkh on road

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Try suv

    • Jasminder Singh
      Jasminder Singh

      Sedan only

  • Jasminder Singh
    Jasminder Singh

    Sat shree aakal From PUNE Waheguru

  • lakshya agarwal
    lakshya agarwal

    Sir please tell Creta or seltos very cunfusion

    • Saksham Srivastava
      Saksham Srivastava

      @Shourya Sharma kharid apne liye raho ho ya dusre k liye...jyada resale na dekha karo

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      More resale more name more network of service creta you can also try harrier

  • Perugu ranjithkumar
    Perugu ranjithkumar

    హాయ్ సార్ 🌷🌷💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • aman roy
    aman roy

    aura ya disire city driving h daily

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Tigor best and safe from tin ka dabba

    • sagar singh
      sagar singh

      Try tigor once

  • Rj pubg live streaming
    Rj pubg live streaming

    Naxon kedi car rehegi family car ke liye

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma


    • Abhishek singh
      Abhishek singh


  • majid khan
    majid khan

    Tigore umesh

  • Sujal Pandey
    Sujal Pandey

    Sir ake campero kigea creta vs seltos kejeya

  • Prisha Chawla
    Prisha Chawla

    Sir is new seltos coming on 27th April

    • Vaibhav Pandey
      Vaibhav Pandey


  • Sunjeet kumar
    Sunjeet kumar

    Best dash cam bataein till now in 2021..? Both in budget and high price..

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Mi 70mi

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @Alpesh Patel otherwise nexon top model or also you can try harrier base model big car big feel big power

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      @Alpesh Patel can you tell my requirement

    • Alpesh Patel
      Alpesh Patel

      Sir 15 lack tak konsi best suv alpesh patel

  • Vikash Raj
    Vikash Raj

    Tigor definitely without any doubt....@Umesh

  • v p
    v p

    Sir best car under 7 lakh amt

  • Umesh Sharma
    Umesh Sharma

    Sir use ke liye tigor vs dzire kon se le please help me

    • Abhishek Jan
      Abhishek Jan

      Tigor or dzire me SE dzire lelo best resale , mileage ,service only low safety drive carefully

    • Shourya Sharma
      Shourya Sharma

      Tigor best from tin ka dabba

    • arya chandhramouli
      arya chandhramouli

      Ford aspire ❤️👍 best in it's segment

    • pb23 records
      pb23 records

      Amaze le lo bro

    • Anjul Yadav
      Anjul Yadav

      Go for Ford Aspire

  • mrinal tiwari
    mrinal tiwari