Honda CB500X First Ride Review - Adventurous Enough?
In this video we present to you the first look and ride of the Honda CB500x and find out if it is any good.

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    Bhaiya mileage kitne hai 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Vishwavijay patil
    Vishwavijay patil

    First of all honda needs to do what they did with the cbr250r ,if we remember the cbr250r from 2011 was bought as CKD kit from thailand and was assembled in india but later honda started to make it here in india,i think in the same way they need to do with this cb500x because as a tourier we indians now need something which is more reliable and good aftersales cost motorcycles than ktm`s,enfields and kawasakis.Good Motorcycle despite the price

  • What the ??
    What the ??

    TFT display nahi hai vo digital hai

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      Yess it is. Was shooting myself.😅

  • Jai jai ram
    Jai jai ram

    Bhai 500 cc ke 8 lakh to do lakh mila ke koi our bike na le 1000cc

  • Nick Zeek 1WD
    Nick Zeek 1WD

    Virat bhai ki awaaz badiya hai, reviews badiya hain, but camera to kisi aur ko hi pakadna chahiye. 🏁🔥

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      Hahahha yes camera kisi aur ko pakad na chahiye.

  • LazyFit Nyinba
    LazyFit Nyinba

    Silencer doesn't look nice

  • Tomu Dysid
    Tomu Dysid

    Jitne ki Ye bike hai uttne ki toh altroz, Swift, i 20, aa jayega toh Ye toh ghaate Ka sauda hai

  • Aviroop Das
    Aviroop Das

    Bike is great, pricing is not.

  • Rail Lover Sayan.
    Rail Lover Sayan.

    Very Good Review For Honda CB500X Ki Motor Octane. 👌✌

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds

    looks like smaller version of African Twin...

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    thanx for your hand work to shoot bro, pls review cars too dear virat


    Too much overpriced

  • Thakur akash Singh
    Thakur akash Singh

    Nice 👍👍❤️👍👍👍👍👍

  • Siddhant Posti
    Siddhant Posti

    Hello Rachit Sir, Can You Please Make a video on 'The Best Cars Under Rs.5Lakhs'?.... Please🙏🙏 ASAP!!

  • Nitesh Kesarkar
    Nitesh Kesarkar

    Bhai bombai nahi MUMBAI bolo

  • Pustak Nandi
    Pustak Nandi

    Virat how many 500x are there in the city ride

  • Pustak Nandi
    Pustak Nandi

    Virat good bike but truly expensive isn't it?

  • pawan yadav
    pawan yadav

    Design is so poor and outdated.

  • Pramod hegde
    Pramod hegde

    Is this bike is import unit from foreign country?

  • Muhammad Sadiq Anwar
    Muhammad Sadiq Anwar

    Vid achchhi thi bss jb haath me cam lo to thoda stable rkhne ki koshish krna❤️baki sb changa si👍

  • Rishabh Joshi
    Rishabh Joshi

    Waiting for himalayan 650 with aggressive price 😍😍

  • Real Solution
    Real Solution

    Becz he is honda guy😂😂

  • Ashuvendra singh rathore
    Ashuvendra singh rathore

    Isse achha to ham splander lele 🤣

  • Aryan Patel
    Aryan Patel

    Please make vdo on performance of Nexon Ev on ghats with 5 people .

  • Rj Kanpuriya Gamer
    Rj Kanpuriya Gamer

    Rachit bhaiya happy holi and to all crew members of motoroctane. Happy Holi to all the motoroctane family 😄

  • Vishnu Gokul
    Vishnu Gokul

    Bro super video

  • Divyansh Suryawanshi
    Divyansh Suryawanshi

    Pls make a video on Hyundai Alcazar

  • Asphalt 8 gaming
    Asphalt 8 gaming

    Rachit sir suit in car and Virat sir suit in bike please like

  • uttam kumar
    uttam kumar

    Best bike among 500cc segment but yes obviously pricing could be better nd it's also true no body can match in terms of refinement & reliability to honda

  • Doc KM42
    Doc KM42

    Exorbitant pricing.

  • Subodh Shah
    Subodh Shah

    Not appesing look

  • Kunal Hiwarkar
    Kunal Hiwarkar

    2 m. Sub

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    What do u mean by I never use read break ?

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      rear breaking. So i only use the rear braking when it comes to emergencies, off-road, in the rain or if i'm filtering in traffic. 90% front - 10% rear

  • Ashok Kumar Samal
    Ashok Kumar Samal

    Triumph trident might be a good option rather than this..


    Which location, very nice

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    Ye bike soft roader SUVs ki tarah hai. Maximum log road pe hi chalaenge uske liye thik hai, although a bit expensive...😑😑😑

  • chirag pandya
    chirag pandya

    Who tell them to bring CKD..they can assemble here too..only 60cc more than Himalayan ..u can buy 3 himalayan in this price..we were very hopeful but honda seems hopeless hell with it ...👎

    • Vishwavijay patil
      Vishwavijay patil

      they can do by making it here in india,if you remember the same way they did it with cbr250r first they did CKD and then they started to manufacture here in india,the funnest part is even if the production of cbr250r has stopped but honda is still exporting some parts of old cbr250r from india to different countries till today not many people know this, like india has become hub for different parts of old cbr250r for world.

  • ravi lava rk
    ravi lava rk

    ✨🎈हैप्पी होली सभी को इस रंगों के त्यौहार की ढेर😘 सारी बधाइयां हैप्पी होली 🎉🎉

  • Arun Ahlawat
    Arun Ahlawat

    Is this in Gurugaon?

  • Dhiraj Pokharana
    Dhiraj Pokharana

    Please Review Benelli 180s

  • Mohammad danish
    Mohammad danish

    isi wajha se hame motot octane pasand he... true review dete he .... power drift ne to alag hi review diya, asa lag raha tha k company khud review de rahi he. but bike is toooooooo costly

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      Thanks bro

  • Avvy Dhaliwal
    Avvy Dhaliwal

    Compare it with adventure duke 390 and himalyan plz👍

  • Bike addicted
    Bike addicted

    Bhai the one who can spend 8 lakh does not consider about maintaince cost this is overpriced and is not a worth buy the competition is offering a lot more than this

    • Bike addicted
      Bike addicted

      @Viraat Paul OK bhaiya I agreed but at the same time there are other brands offering a lot more than this I just think that it will feel underpowered at some point of times which is not acceptable at this price else you know better than me sorry if i hurt you

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      Ask Ducati customers when they go for Desmo service or parts replacement how expensive it is and do they care

  • I am Pluto
    I am Pluto

    I like ❤️ RE Himalayan🙏🏔️

  • Pratik Sharma
    Pratik Sharma

    still can't get over that comparo video where he says KTM is more comfortable than apache310

    • uttam kumar
      uttam kumar

      Hahah well said

    • Sanket Jagtap
      Sanket Jagtap

      Haha. May be he felt otherwise 😅


    Bike to bohot a66a hai. Lakin price is really very high. By the way great video.👌

  • Yash Mehta
    Yash Mehta

    Very nice video sir 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  • Mannat Vardhan
    Mannat Vardhan


  • Anurag Tk
    Anurag Tk

    Congo 2million

  • Tanav Bhalge
    Tanav Bhalge


  • Bhavishya Singh
    Bhavishya Singh

    I come when 999 views completed

  • Rajat nbh
    Rajat nbh


  • Altesh

    Video is too Shaky... Good Review though

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      thanks time i shoot this bike, a camera guy will be there :)

  • Yamaha rx 100 lover
    Yamaha rx 100 lover


  • Yamaha rx 100 lover
    Yamaha rx 100 lover

    Bhai phout aachi lagi aap ki video

    • Viraat Paul
      Viraat Paul

      thanks bhai



  • Imran Mir
    Imran Mir

    Eagerly waiting for this

  • crazy' video
    crazy' video

    Aap mat banaya kro video ....🙏

  • R.A. binod
    R.A. binod


  • Paras Dhamija
    Paras Dhamija


  • sahal bajwa
    sahal bajwa


  • Rajdeep Gan.
    Rajdeep Gan.


  • Swaroop Gade
    Swaroop Gade


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