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  • MotorOctane

    Apologies if I missed out your query in the live session. You can always connect with me, Viraat & our team of auto experts by dropping your queries on the link below m/insurance

    • Saksham #sm
      Saksham #sm

      Yeah 5000 with rachit for 15 min doesn't worth

    • Siddharth Raghuwanshi
      Siddharth Raghuwanshi

      would like to know about consultation charges :)

  • ravi d
    ravi d

    Best sedan @15l price range ..manual, diesel, fun to drive !

  • Shreyas Indani
    Shreyas Indani

    Is Hyundai planning to launch palisade in india?

  • Sanjay Das
    Sanjay Das


  • yuvasanthu

    sir please make a video on PAINT PROTECTION FILM (PPF) applying on car

  • ajit shenkar
    ajit shenkar

    Is there any update coming in Honda amaze and when will be hbx launch

  • Hari Patil
    Hari Patil

    Mahindra is not giving on time delivery and only fake promises . Mahindra says 1 month waiting but not giving delivery. I booked xuv300 3 month before and still waiting. I am not against Mahindra but If you don't giving on time delivery then don't give fake promises. It impacts on sale. So that huge cancellation of orders in Mahindra happened. Something happened in Mahindra because Mahindra fired 300 executive. I booked Mahindra because of made in India and safest car. But Mahindra should give good service also. If this year J.D. Power rating is going this year then don't suprise .

  • Rahul Patil
    Rahul Patil

    Hi, if possible make a review of 2012 innova.

  • Negal Tunes
    Negal Tunes

    Do test new innova

  • karannain

    I have booked mahindra thar. Now for payment they are asking to buy accessories, insurance, extended warranty etc as compulsion. Their prices are inflated. What you suggest to do about it?

    • Dushyant Soni
      Dushyant Soni

      Give your thar to me, man. They are not delivering mine 😁

  • Madhav Chhabra
    Madhav Chhabra

    Make comparisons vedio on BMW M5 Vs m8 both have same engion

  • Irfan Shaikh
    Irfan Shaikh

    Sir Mercedes Benz e class e220d review plzzzzzz

  • basudev satapathy
    basudev satapathy

    Hi Rachit. Hope you are doing well. I am looking for my first car. My budget is 9 lac. I am confused between Altroz xz and breeza lxi. Please suggest.

    • AJ imformation
      AJ imformation

      Altroz XZ but remember buy the diesel as petrol is very underpowered. It lacks low end punch and out on the highways it feels slow. So if you are not performance oriented then go for Altroz and if you are buying diesel it's a fantastic choice. Breeza is also a good choice and I have test drived as well but at last I brought Aura.

    • The Garud
      The Garud

      Altroz xz best

  • Jammy Rathore
    Jammy Rathore

    Hi Sir.. I liked ur genuine and honest opinion... Can you please help me out... I have a budget around 12 lac.. Little bit confused between nexon xz plus, mahindra xuv 300 w8, scross zeta(petrol) and Creta EX variant. Thanks in advance.. Looking forward for your positive response...

    • Naveen Sharma
      Naveen Sharma

      @AJ imformation and which SUV you suggest under 16lakh?

    • AJ imformation
      AJ imformation

      Cut out the S-Cross from your list. It's not an value for money product and you will not feel like you have spend such a big amount of money. 2nd thing- If you are buying nexon petrol then don't dare. It's very underwhelming,worst drivability and has a lot of turbo lag lower down. So don't buy nexon petrol. If you are buying diesel then it's fantastic. 3rd- XUV 300 both petrol and diesel is good but small boot and very bad fit and finish. Get the creta ex. It's a great choice or if you can increase your budget then kindly go for City Petrol V. City is outstandingly phenomenal.

  • Ayush Shishodia
    Ayush Shishodia

    alcazar 🙏 plz

  • Amit Lohaar
    Amit Lohaar

    Bhai ptta ni kyu aapka channel day by day bouring hota ja raha hai pehle wali baat ni rahi

  • pradeep negi
    pradeep negi

    2000 km chlna pdta h highway pe uske baad 100 km hill area.6 mhine me 1 bar.petrol ya diesel .budget 8.5 lakh

  • Ishaan Revankar
    Ishaan Revankar

    Motoroctane what the hell is wrong with you? For what reason, you are not recommending Audi? You did not tell the reviewer about the reason. You are just biased towards BMW and Mercedes-Benz and you just blindly recommend them. Screw you. Check out the reliability of the 2020 GLE in teambhp. Many owners were frustrated by that car. But you guys simply recommend them. Why aren't you guys reviewing Audi and Volvo cars nowadays. I guess you are paid by Mercedes-Benz. Screw you Motoroctane.

  • Nasir ali Saiyad
    Nasir ali Saiyad

    Me duniya ka sabse mahenga aadmi hu... abhi 15 minute baat karne ka 5000 rs. Rate Chal raha hai... 🤣🤣 Love you rachit bhai

    • Ạrjʊɳ ꗟɑģɑr
      Ạrjʊɳ ꗟɑģɑr

      Suggestion mil gya achhe se?

  • ravi lava rk
    ravi lava rk

    Good day and🤗 good vlog✌🏻 tha bhai sabse best 👌vlog part tha vlog Dekhkar 😍 maja aay 😇gay good lak 👍

  • Saksham #sm
    Saksham #sm

    Creta sx o ?

    • Sid lamba
      Sid lamba

      Please make sure 2 elephant stand on its roof 🤣🤣

    • Saksham #sm
      Saksham #sm

      Manual diesel

  • Supreme Liberal Being
    Supreme Liberal Being

    Hyundai Lund ka Jaar! 🤣

  • Siddharth Raghuwanshi
    Siddharth Raghuwanshi

    what are the consultation charges

  • Saatwik

    Grand i10 nios or Swift ? Both costing around 7.2 lakhs on road Jaipur. Or I should increase budget and get Hyundai Venue ? Don't suggest Tata and ford cars. I am only interested in Maruti Suzuki / Hyundai / Honda.

    • Ramesh chandra Jain
      Ramesh chandra Jain

      @saatwik If you are not performance oriented then you can check the Amaze S petrol as it's fit in your budget. It's an complete allrounder- decent build quality, very comfortable, decent features, super elegant design and good resale value. ( but remembered amaze is underpowered and lacks low end grunt. Whereas i20 and Aura are COMPARETIBLY better than Amaze)

    • Ramesh chandra Jain
      Ramesh chandra Jain

      @Ashish Mishra you are correct ✔✔ but aura is no less in any freaking way.

    • Ramesh chandra Jain
      Ramesh chandra Jain

      @India build quality of aura is better than dzire and milage of aura is 21Kmpl (ARAI) And 15-17 in city and 19-20.5 in highway which is absolutely phenomenal. 3rd thing is that aura is a better put together and get more features and more premium feel. You get a bigger boot space on Aura and very importantly rear Under thigh support on aura is better than dzire. I have experienced both of them and aura has better overall experience. , 😊😇


      I say go for nios if amt and if manual then go for swift it's a better choice .

    • Ashish Mishra
      Ashish Mishra

      @Saatwik actually aura is nios with boot. Platform is same. Kindly look after i20.

  • v p
    v p

    Konshi amt car achhi hai taki ladies bhi chala sake month me 1500 km ghumna hai or gharki pahali car hai☺️ ghar me 6 log hai hamare yaha ke road thikthak hai or village me aana jana rahta hai Budget 7 L ka hai. Sir plz 🙏😊 reply Ha or mere friend ko Renault triber ka amt variant lena hai to konsa achha hai budget kam hai, Sir plz reply 😊🙏

    • v p
      v p

      @Ayush Kishan thank you 🙏😊

    • Ayush Kishan
      Ayush Kishan

      Grand i10 nios But usme 6 log nahi baith payenge Tiago 2nd option, but its amt is always a controversy But for manual tiago best choice

  • Vinod Patidar
    Vinod Patidar

    Car insurance k liye koi jankari pls

  • Vinod Patidar
    Vinod Patidar

    Pls give numbrr for insurance detail

  • ganesh sharma
    ganesh sharma

    Thar vs Scorpio which to buy

  • Naveen Sharma
    Naveen Sharma

    Best SUV under 11-15lakhs?

    • Siddharth Raghuwanshi
      Siddharth Raghuwanshi

      can suggest creta SX diesel at this price point but it's a worthless car if u r looking for comfort and long distance trips. Although your budget seems to fit that car.I own it and don't like it for its below par suspension setup and seating comfort

    • Siddharth Raghuwanshi
      Siddharth Raghuwanshi

      @Naveen Sharma can go for mid model of hector/harrier,or safari starting if u r not looking for features

    • Naveen Sharma
      Naveen Sharma

      @Siddharth Raghuwanshi 60% city, 40% highway... family SUV car.. 4*2... 7 seat preffered but still can go with 5... can go max up 16-17 lakh on road price..? Any further suggestions?

    • Naveen Sharma
      Naveen Sharma

      60% city, 40% highway... family SUV car.. 4*2... 7 seat preffered but still can go with 5... can go max up 16-17 lakh on road price..? Any further suggestions?


      11 lakh price :- venue sx , Nexon xza , xuv300p, Nissan magnite top end 12 lakh :- Nexon xza+ , brezza 13 lakh :- creta ex , venue sx(o) 14 lakh :- Sonet , Nexon 15 lakh :- Nexon 100%

  • Yohhan Rawani
    Yohhan Rawani

    Is skoda superb L&K worth 39L on road price? Any other options which can be recommended?

    • Shantanu Sonune
      Shantanu Sonune

      Bmw 5 series second hand

    • Fankri Singnar
      Fankri Singnar


  • Pushp Karkra
    Pushp Karkra

    Asked a question via superchat. Didn't get any reply. Kindly help in which car to buy. Considering baleno zeta cvt or i20 sportz ivt. Family usage. 90% citygood mileage alongwith build quality preferred.


      @Ramesh chandra Jain True 👍👍👍

    • Ramesh chandra Jain
      Ramesh chandra Jain

      If build quality prefered then go for i20. Baleno build quality has gone from bad to worst

  • Nancy Kumari
    Nancy Kumari

    Make video on kia telluride

    • Supreme Liberal Being
      Supreme Liberal Being

      @Nancy Kumari but it is not available in india. Look for it on some western youtube channel.

    • Nancy Kumari
      Nancy Kumari

      I am confused between Palisade and telluride

    • Nancy Kumari
      Nancy Kumari

      Because I am from us and telluride is available here

    • Supreme Liberal Being
      Supreme Liberal Being


  • Alok savan
    Alok savan

    Nissan is good

  • Jyotirmoy Pal
    Jyotirmoy Pal

    Please make a video on seltos long time review

  • makkuvasatishkumar

    Hi Nexon vs suv300 which one best AMT Model

    • Sid lamba
      Sid lamba

      Xuv300 has less boot space other than that xuv300 is better than nexon

    • Anshuman Raturi
      Anshuman Raturi

      Nexon. Bootspace is better in nexon

  • Deepam jyoti Dash
    Deepam jyoti Dash

    Hii sir Best car for 50% city and 50% highway under 8 lakhs. Please suggest me

    • Sid lamba
      Sid lamba

      Probably go for xuv300 safe feature essential are there. And a compact suv is better than a sedan or a hatchback

    • Ramesh chandra Jain
      Ramesh chandra Jain

      Aura S or i20 both are fantastic product. If you didn't like both of them. Get altroz XT petrol ( remembered performance is inadequate for highway driving)

    • Rama Saha
      Rama Saha

      Go for Tata Altroz best safety

    • Spiritual point
      Spiritual point

      Tata Tigor

    • Tech Buddy
      Tech Buddy

      XUV 300 for sub 4 meter or u can go for Nexon but that's not refined much.

  • Bhupender yadavHR36
    Bhupender yadavHR36

    Sir kya tata hbx electric varient me bhi aaegi