New Bajaj Avenger 220 Review - What a Bike!
Nayi Bajaj Avenger 220 is here. What does it have on offer? We share a detailed video on it. Check it out in-detail. The new Bajaj Avenger 220 will be offered with a lot more features.

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    • Ballistic Bisen
      Ballistic Bisen



      Bhai.. Vibrations ki Baat kar raha hai avenger par.. Aur advice ki bullet le lo.. Ohh bc maaro mujhy maaro

    • Ballistic Bisen
      Ballistic Bisen

      It seems like people disagree over your review😉

    • Vijay Mehra
      Vijay Mehra

      Seriously what a disappointing review. Isse to na hi karta bhai review bullet hi chala le


      Sound problem

  • Rishi Tiwari
    Rishi Tiwari

    I am selling my Baja Avenger cruise 2017 BS4 model.. In an immaculate condition.. Only 8,500 kms done.. Insurance renewed up to 2022. In Navi mumbai..

  • Janai Zeme
    Janai Zeme

    Yamaha should bring back the Enticer. Avenger looks complete flop.

  • D K
    D K

    Only an issue with the rear brake. It provides 0% stopping power. And the fuel gauge will give up within a year. But the bike has an awesome road presence. You feel dominant stopping at 🚥

  • karan gulve
    karan gulve

    I have Bajaj cruiser 220 it's good bike Ya at the same time bike has gear box problem. It's very smooth bike.

  • Praveen Dixit
    Praveen Dixit

    I am using this bike for the last 3 years, I have no complaint rather than the gearbox, yes the gearbox is not that much good agreed, but on the other hand, when we are talking about RE 350, there are lots of vibrations above 80 KMPH and not cruiser feeling. At last, my conclusion is there is no competition of Avenger 220 at this price range (My 3 years truly opnion)

  • Jatinder Raja
    Jatinder Raja

    Really this is your expert advise... Riding for few hours doesnt make you a full time reviver And what a comparison man RE is a brand and what is bajaj a piece of shit??? My friends who use to drive there Enfields are super comfortable on avenger cruise hmesha ek baat bolte hai bahi agr shoshe bazi nai krni hoti na to avenger anytime an tum yahan compare kr rhe ho with enfield Some points are true but some are really dumb...handling really.. You dont even know the diffrence btwn a cruiser and a retro classic bike Sp nxt time use machine in day to day life then come to a conclusion🙏🙏🙏

  • WT Kafeel
    WT Kafeel

    Bhai kuchh bhi ho.... But mere jaise short highted ke liye to best hai.... 👍

  • vidzil

    hey guys I have uploaded a comparison video of affordable adventure bikes. do watch it if you like the content.


    Please review honda unicorn 16o bs6 2021

  • aniket patil
    aniket patil

    Can u Do knight drive review? For head lamp

  • Shayan Jummal Vlogs
    Shayan Jummal Vlogs

    Avenger can go anywhere..Highway or City...n handling is great once you get a hang of it. If you ride Avenger first time, you might feel handling difficulty as the sitting position is different than other bikes, but once you ride it for sometime, you will never want to ride anything else again. I won't say biased review, but by just riding it once, you can't judge it's handling n braking capabilities. It's one of the best for Touring❤️

  • Est Kaushal Riderz
    Est Kaushal Riderz

    totally waste review....dnt go wid d points discussed by dis person...go n take a ride den decide. If you want to use for mix riding...highway n cities...go for is complete balance bike wid low maintainance.


    Ugliest headlight... any bike can ever get in upgrade 😂

  • Surojit Pal
    Surojit Pal

    Dada khobor valo?

  • Divya dandotiya
    Divya dandotiya

    I m riding avenger 220 from last 10 years, no fu**ing bike is comparison to forever.

  • Dr Sajjad Sayyed
    Dr Sajjad Sayyed

    Bullet se compare mat karo

  • Dr Sajjad Sayyed
    Dr Sajjad Sayyed

    Bullet se compare mat karo

  • TheTwoWheelWanderer

    Bad review of a great motorcycle. This guy clearly doesn't know much about this motorcycle. It's a very capable machine, the most comfortable Indian motorcycle you can have for touring. I've the 2006 model, rode over 1.5 lakh kms and taken it to all kinds of roads and terrains and it never disappointed. Despite having a low seat height it has good ground clearance, which helps a lot during off-roading and its light weight makes it easy to maneuver in city traffic. And, PLEASE stop comparing it with RE bullets and classics, it has far better handling and riding ergonomics then the RE's. And, most of us know that RE's have very poor power to weight ratio. So, Avenger is any day a better motorcycle than 350cc RE's for long distance touring. I would highly recommend an Avenger over a 350cc RE for highway and mountain riding, especially those who are looking to buy a motorcycle for Ladakh, spiti and other such trips. So, sorry but I disagree with a lot of things he has said in the video.

  • Subhajit biswas
    Subhajit biswas

    Can anyone say real life milage of the bike?

    • Sash Mate
      Sash Mate

      40 kmpl

  • UndisputedBane

    U were going there but conclusion messed up.. I own a Bajaj Avenger 150 street from last 4 years .. Have done Navi mumbai to statue of unity gujarat Navi mumbai to belgaon Goa to Navi Mumbai All in one day .. Just wanted to know 220's top speed and highway crusising speed both not in review.

    • UndisputedBane

      @Sash Mate thanks bhai .. ride safe

    • Sash Mate
      Sash Mate

      I have 220 80-90 kmph, uske upar confidence ni ata because front wheel easily hil jata hai kuch kharab sadak ane pe but engine 110 tak 0 stress dikhata hai. 110 se fir 125 tak acceleration dip hoti hai and 125- 130 is where it maxes out.

  • m k
    m k

    Bullet is over rated and shit

  • Nikhil K
    Nikhil K

    Most underrated bike in the market

  • Mr NOYAN
    Mr NOYAN

    Better than the piece of junk RE..... Royal Enfield are crap except 650

  • Jagdishgiri D Gauswami
    Jagdishgiri D Gauswami

    Petrol ka kua hai..only 20 to 25 meximum evrej evenjer 220

    • Sash Mate
      Sash Mate

      40 k as pass ati hai bhai

    • The Empire
      The Empire

      I have

    • The Empire
      The Empire

      35/42 tak nikal leta hu

  • Mukund Kumar Upadhyay
    Mukund Kumar Upadhyay

    Plz make a video on Suzuki intruder

  • kailas chavan
    kailas chavan

    What a dead review...🤮🤮

  • Pinaki Sankar Adhikari
    Pinaki Sankar Adhikari

    main complaint on avenger is the pillion seat. they should work on it

  • Pinaki Sankar Adhikari
    Pinaki Sankar Adhikari

    switchgear is very cheap

    • The Empire
      The Empire

      Ye to he

  • yaankee world
    yaankee world

    Lagta hai aap ne Highway par isse jayada chalaya nahi hai. . . . Isliye koi baat nahi Mine 2011 model and completed 1.5 lakh km almost

  • Avinash sah
    Avinash sah

    Guys i ride 1100km in 2 days in this pandemic to came back at my home..from delhi to patna on that cruicial day he saved my life thts y i fall in in love with this bike...😍😎😊 those who have this bike he know the real value and feature of avenger...thts it from my side😁

  • asad khan
    asad khan

    Sir platina lekar ja sakta hai himalya pe adventure bhot hai dil mai but petrol price plz suggest 😂🤣

  • Sourav The 650 Rider
    Sourav The 650 Rider

    Just the old single cylinder piece of crap 🙄 engine 🚂 what new is the paint job 👍 👏☺️ Bajaj forget to upgrade the engine atleast put 1more cylinder there we don't want any crappy paint job 👍🙏

  • Amit Jadhav
    Amit Jadhav

    Its a budget bike had 220 cruise for 4 years. Gear box has issues, clutch post 25k kms has issues, then i have faced oil leakage from oil drain bolt underneath, and off lately lots of knocking issues. I feel Avenger 180 was way better had that one for 7 years..

  • auto Mobile
    auto Mobile

    Proud owner of avenger 220 since 7 year's

  • Chitraank Gupta
    Chitraank Gupta

    Some of the points mentioned above are false. And avenger 220 is good for highways too. I have done 400 km long tour on it with a pillion rider, we never felt tired. Wheel base dosen't affect handling of the bike much it does but not that much, actually its the handlebars. If you want good and fast handling cruiser go for street version which has low handle bars.

  • Random Odia Vlogger
    Random Odia Vlogger

    Proud owner of Bajaj Electric Kettle 😎🔥


      @Random Odia Vlogger nice

    • Random Odia Vlogger
      Random Odia Vlogger

      Maine abhi abhi dekha that I own a istri, mixi and a standing fan as well


      Proud owner of Bajaj Istri

    • Random Odia Vlogger
      Random Odia Vlogger

      @Sash Mate 😂 Ek Number

    • Sash Mate
      Sash Mate

      aukat honi chahiye bajaj ki mixi li hai maine

  • sundeep kumar
    sundeep kumar

    Bhai bolna sikh ya toh hindi bol ya english yaar tum log dikhana kya chahte ho

  • Sachin Deshmukh
    Sachin Deshmukh

    I had this bike for 8 months and brother this is the best bike ever for pillion Also this bike is having best mirrors

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    Royal enfield is literally useless. It's literally everywhere. There is no charm in owning it anymore. I have RE 500 chrome red and it is a beauty but God it's maintainence is a headache.

  • Harish Benjwal
    Harish Benjwal

    Nice review. Although slight disagreement but that’s purely subjective. Kindly also make a review about Bajaj Avenger 160 Street BS6. Would like to know it’s value for money in comparison to 220 especially in context of a City.

  • Héctor Francisco Arenas Avila
    Héctor Francisco Arenas Avila

    It ´s my First moto and I enjoy them, I have one month whit my moto and it's excelent, Greetings from Silao Guanajuato Mexico

  • Leroy Chandy
    Leroy Chandy

    I like 2014 model avenger 220 dtsi , i have riden before and its really a fantastic experience. It feels different.

  • Shreehari Kulkarni
    Shreehari Kulkarni

    Mileage 😭

  • sukesh singh
    sukesh singh

    I'm An avenger fan and I rode many bikes even meteor but this is the best its a super beast ..not happy with your review ..Watch Desi Cruise DC where you get to know how avenger is

  • Debanjan Das
    Debanjan Das

    I personally own a avenger 220 cruise bs6 and it's far better than bullet..

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh

    Cruiser or commuter alag alag cheez hoti hai bhai

  • Prashant Nambiar
    Prashant Nambiar

    Avengers mirrors are the best. I use it in my classic 350

  • Deepak Thakur
    Deepak Thakur

    Product wise avenger is good option cos I'm already own it last 2.5 years and till yet VFM but just recently I was planned to upgrade it to dominar 400 but showroom guys behavior was heart breaking and forced me to change my decision once again to own bajaj bike again

  • Deepak Thakur
    Deepak Thakur

    But bajaj showroom sales person not keen to sale their products and their behaviour enough to change buying decision even most 9f time they enable to provide test ride (even thier flagship model dominar 250 and dominar 400)




    Proud owner of passion pro but. Abb usse mann bhar gaya hai. And planning to buy avenger that y I search for this video


      @Sash Mate zindagi ho to aisi🙂😢

  • Vinay Singh
    Vinay Singh

    Mujhe avenger Cruise use krte hue 3 saal ho chuke hain aur jab m change krunga to avenger hi lunga royal enfield iske aage kuch bhi nhi use kr k dekho

  • Hemant Kohre
    Hemant Kohre

    Bajaj Avenger Should Provide V twin engine now...

  • Aniket Madhavi
    Aniket Madhavi

    Owning the original Avenger 2006 since 15 years now. Only complaint is no rear disk break till date. Why bajaj why

  • Ravi Gogoi
    Ravi Gogoi

    Kya zaroorat thi itni purani bike Ko new bolne k


    No tubeless tyre, that one mistake

  • Aashutosh Bhagat
    Aashutosh Bhagat

    It could have been perfect if it had a rear disc brake and dual channel ABS. Perfect cruiser to fight the RE .

  • raghuram enterprises
    raghuram enterprises

    the wannabe harley davidson....looks more like a chinese knock off.......the riding experience is far from a cruiser bike

  • RKO Rahul
    RKO Rahul

    Avenger street 220 bhi tha aur vartaman me cruise 220 liya hu best bike hai

  • Vimal Dheeraj Meesala
    Vimal Dheeraj Meesala

    Sad part is it's not for 6 foot and above

  • Vikesh Kaushik
    Vikesh Kaushik

    Can you suggest a good bike for pilion rider.. Please 🙏 range between 1-2lakhs

  • Max info vlogs
    Max info vlogs

    Super sexy bike

  • nishant sharma LIC
    nishant sharma LIC

    Superb bike. I owned 2018 model. And already covered 27000 kms. It is fantastic in comforts. But it lacks in breaks because of rear drum brakes. Front brakes gives you good bite. I am using this for daily use and in a day I ride it for 200kms. It gives you good control on high speed. I usually cruise on 90+ speed. I feel this speed is controllable. It depends on your reflections. For me this speed is enough. It saves my time in traffic and money for tolls. Sometimes it feels that there should be a sixth gear. When you ride it on 100+speed. Talking about mileage I got 38kmpl where my riding speed is between 80-90kmph. Overall all it is a good bike.

  • Abhay Vakil
    Abhay Vakil

    U started off the video and spoke exactly like Rachit

  • Samridh Singh
    Samridh Singh

    Bajaj should launch Avenger 400 derived from dominar's engine with little bit change in design

  • Clement Williams
    Clement Williams

    WTF do you not title that this is a Hindi video? Imagine this were in Tulu or another language with English title

  • gopal parida
    gopal parida

    Sir please make a review of avenger 160 street also

  • Kush Tripathi
    Kush Tripathi

    It is not good for long distance, above 100 km there is a backache and shoulder pain. Burgman is best for city commuting and highways both

  • Vaasu14

    Proud Owner of Bajaj MIXER GRINDER😂😂😂

  • Naren M
    Naren M

    I used avenger 200 and now I have avenger 220 cruise, I am using Bajaj avenger from last more than 7 years. It is perfect at that price . Only you have be careful while you ride on smooth wet road.

  • Gunjan Singh Rajput
    Gunjan Singh Rajput

    Waahiyaad review


    Advanced Congratulations for 2M 🎊🎉🎊🎉

  • Modinagar 3
    Modinagar 3

    I'm already a Avenger owner ❤️ And i love this bike

  • Vicky Singh
    Vicky Singh

    My favorite bike...Bajaj avenger 220 cruze

  • Iltut.

    Piche ka tyre mota aage ka patla kya cartoon bike h

  • Awadhesh Kumar Singh travel blogger
    Awadhesh Kumar Singh travel blogger


  • Kabir Singh
    Kabir Singh

    Air pressure kitna rkhe dono tyresme

  • Unmesh Dinda
    Unmesh Dinda

    I have the same bike, and I can agree a 1000% that the gearbox in Avenger 220 Cruise is a total disaster. I regret buying the bike now because I love precise gear shifts. It slips, misses, and is not proper at all.

    • j ramkumar patnaik
      j ramkumar patnaik

      Thanks for feedback

  • Nandan Kulal
    Nandan Kulal

    now 220 street is available or not?

  • Maverick maven
    Maverick maven

    Royal Enfield is already a street dog. Every where across country. 🙏Dude Bike should add a charm to your personality. ❤️🔥

    • Arvind Yadav
      Arvind Yadav

      RE is king of indian roads Okkk🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Arvind Yadav
      Arvind Yadav

      What do you mean?????

  • Maverick maven
    Maverick maven

    Handling for 220 is a bit .. thats where street beats it. Except for pillion seat it's beyond perfect for being India's best cruiser.

  • pranay220

    Thode jyada paise deke bullet 350??? Check on-road price, it's 12000 more and you don't get electric start. The ES version is Rs 30000 more than avenger cruise. Plus it's not really as versatile and easy to manage as the Avenger. If you are riding in City you can get old avenger handle for better control in traffic. And it's also a more capable cruiser than bullet just because of the lower vibrations. So other than cc and Bullet brand you don't get much in Bullet. May be once the new engine bullet is launched we can see better value in Bullet. But even then they will not be in the same price bracket

  • Rohit kadam
    Rohit kadam

    Vibrations in Avenger...woh bhi bullet ke sath comparison...bakwas review hai...everybody knows bullet kitni vibrate karti hai... Comfort me bullet kahi aas pass bhi nahi Avenger ke

  • javed Akthar
    javed Akthar

    I own it - super torque , thumping power , u don't even feel potholes when u crusing in 70 thats the bike

  • Min Perme
    Min Perme

    Poor build quality

  • Chaudhary From Haryana
    Chaudhary From Haryana

    Avenger 380

  • vishal chavan
    vishal chavan

    Hi, Can you review details of Avenger street 160, if it is worth buy?

  • SAI

    Please do in English also

  • Mohit Nandgirikar
    Mohit Nandgirikar

    This host is Sasta UIC... 😂

  • stone heart jade
    stone heart jade

    Looks like motor octane is doing paid review.

  • stone heart jade
    stone heart jade

    Still the same not much updated .

  • Bikramjit Singh Sahni
    Bikramjit Singh Sahni

    Start kiya top se ate ate mitti me milla diya bike ko, good review

  • Vedant Chorge
    Vedant Chorge

    The host should be more enthusiastic

  • Sankalp pol
    Sankalp pol

    This was very much needed

  • my dear crush
    my dear crush

    RE Brand value kya karenge bhai jab maintenance itna hoga PAR KYA lakin ye sabse afordable bike nhi h cruiser segment me banda cruiser lega kyu..? comfortable ergonomic ki wajah se or tum log consulting services de rhe ho aap log, more of corrupt kar rhe ho bajaj buyers ko agar kisi ki need fatfatya bullet ki na ho tabhi to aaya h na is video ko dekhne or waise bhi bullet ki top speed 100 ke uper na hai hathi palna ho to palo.

  • Prasad Lohokare
    Prasad Lohokare

    Jitna bataya utna gadbad abhi tak nahi mila muze, have avenger cruise for past 5years. Rearly gear issue deta hai but nothing major

  • Fayaz Hussain
    Fayaz Hussain

    This iconic bike is all about comfort, how can you compare with bullet,.both are different zone with different configuration, and about the vibration at the top end almost every bike have this issue.

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar

    Good review, MotorOctane style !

  • Prasad J
    Prasad J

    40kmpl , long distance travelling, that too daily, terrible!