Renault Kiger AMT Drive - Should you consider?
Renault Kiger AMT Drive - what is the price? Should you buy this? How is it to drive? We have already done a video on it before.

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    • Tanishq Jain
      Tanishq Jain

      Make a comparison between Scorpio and bolero

    • Tanishq Jain
      Tanishq Jain

      Can you make a comparison between Scorpio and bolero

    • Anurag Sharma
      Anurag Sharma

      please make a video on the upcoming all cng cars ,please


      Vaiya amt car hill pe kya kya problem hoga?hamara celerio amt hay,hil road pe chala sakte hay amt car?

    • Eldhose Varghese
      Eldhose Varghese

      This is the same engine with which you did owner review of Triber . Now everything becomes Ulta. Great motoroctane. Only you can do this.

  • Sagar sathe
    Sagar sathe

    Renault kiger vs Nissan magnate video

  • Bhanu Prakash
    Bhanu Prakash

    Do a review on kiger with owner

  • Rukhsana Naz
    Rukhsana Naz

    Which varient it is ?

  • Atigya Dubey
    Atigya Dubey

    I am planning to go for AMT Kiger RXZ non turbo(9.5lakhs), is it worth it or should I increase budget and go for venue SX(11.5lakhs)? Is the diff in money worth it? Our preference is AMT or IMT that is why not opting for Kiger turbo because it is manual and CVT not arrived yet. Also Kia Sonet not possible because of longe waiting time period. Will be driving it in city and sometimes highways want a decent performance but not underpowered please respond. URGENT!

  • Ahmed Shamsi
    Ahmed Shamsi

    Sir aap magnite k variants bi cover kro please

  • Ankit Raj
    Ankit Raj

    love your channel but you put too much stress on enthusiasm. 80% people are buying for utility or to fulfil their dream. too much focus on enthusiasm puts their mind off from the product. To sirf apna bhokal dene ke liye ki you are an enthusiastic driver don’t keep on dragging this point

  • Saqeer SV
    Saqeer SV

    Still waiting review on CVT. Looks like it is still not produced

  • manoj k
    manoj k

    Renault Kiger turbo CVT variant review pls

  • Balaji Enterprises
    Balaji Enterprises

    हजारो वीडियो आ गए हैं kiger के पर ये वीडियो one of the best video है

  • Nazir Mahamed
    Nazir Mahamed

    Kiger AMT or CVT is better in form of mileage and maintenance

  • Akshay Aher
    Akshay Aher

    Have you started your video in fatimanagar inox pune backside ?

  • Prakhar Shukla
    Prakhar Shukla

    Driving modes in a 1000-1300 cc engine is a joke, just a gimmick

  • Ravindran Chiplunkar
    Ravindran Chiplunkar

    Please review Renault Turbo CVT.. I am planning to buy.. :)

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma

    Bro do a triber review/ comparison with kiger🙏 currently owing/driving kwid rxt amt (70km/day) was thinking to upgrade it to amt which would be better kiger or triber. Please tell. My wife also drives amt kwid .shall I go ahead with cvt too?

    • Himanshu Sharma
      Himanshu Sharma

      @MotorOctane thanks but dont have Nissan centres closely.. was preferring renault bcz service centre is within 5kms and have got good after sales experience with kwid amt. Bought it in dec 2019 and have deiven it around 15k kms since then. Just wanted to know if wanted to exchange kwid kiger or triber a better option in amt or cvt??.. thanks and sorry for repeating it..but want to go for renault only..bcz of service station nearby.

    • MotorOctane

      Don't go for Renault again - rather get the Magnite CVT

  • sarwajeet singh
    sarwajeet singh

    Do u recruitment RXT AMT in Mumbai

  • Ajay Yadav
    Ajay Yadav

    Thank you for the honest reviews.

  • Ajay Yadav
    Ajay Yadav

    Thank you for the honest reviews.

  • Shantanu Trivedi
    Shantanu Trivedi

    The prices have increased and the worst part is.. if you have done booking on the 1st day of launch and still waiting delivery the increased prices will apply to you as well. This is not fair at all from renault! @motoroOctane kindly say something on this!

  • వీరా రెడ్డి మండాది
    వీరా రెడ్డి మండాది

    Pls share mileage of kiger rxz non turbo manual turbo manual Non turbo amt Turbo cvt

  • Vikas Shivani
    Vikas Shivani

    Hi Rachit... AMT ka review koi nhi laya hai... that right but waiting for Kiger Turbo CVT review..

  • MT young Gaming
    MT young Gaming

    Bro you are driving at the same road again and again.....

  • Ralph Barros
    Ralph Barros

    Problem is that it looks like a KWID on Stilts, the MAGNITE however which u seem to have conveniently not mentioned at all has a Bold striking and fresh look. and the i think lets face it the booking nos of the MAGNITE tell's one the correct picture

  • arjun chouhan
    arjun chouhan

    Tiago or kiger ?? Plzz suggest

  • Shuja ali
    Shuja ali

    Sir ignis zeta amt or kiger amt, as a first car

  • saideep jadhav
    saideep jadhav

    Rachit, congratulations in advance for 2 million subscribers very soon. I think this channel must have 5 plus million.

  • Aniket jain
    Aniket jain

    Range rover defender review

  • Simply Goan
    Simply Goan

    It's not better than Ignis or swift when u listen to.this noise making engine

  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singh

    Bhai, Agr Ho Sake To Youngsters Ke Liye 10 Cars Bata dijiye Ek video me.

    • Vikrant Singh
      Vikrant Singh

      Under 16 L


    Had test drive yesterday.RXZ turbo variant.. Power lagging is the biggest draw back of this car... if you are car enthusiast..want a powerful engine..then leave it...maruti swift has more power then this..

  • SWAP J
    SWAP J

    Are yaar iss bobde se video mat karvao please 🙏 Video dekhne ka mann nahi karta

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma

    please make a video on the upcoming all cng cars ,please

  • Anurag Sharma
    Anurag Sharma

    please make a video on the upcoming all cng cars ,please

  • Aditya Vashishtha
    Aditya Vashishtha

    Kia seltos or creta s.... Or should we go for compact suv with more features...?

    • Vansh the carstar
      Vansh the carstar

      Seltos in looks Creta in features

  • Maverick maven
    Maverick maven

    Rachit bhai ur only concentrating on cars now... Bike have become just history for u. I am going to Dinos vault. Sooch loo

  • Rail Lover Sayan.
    Rail Lover Sayan.

    Very Good Review For Renault Kiger AMT Ki Motor Octane. ✌👌

  • YSM Gamer
    YSM Gamer

    2 Million Ho Gaye OP

  • Suresh kumar Bharaman
    Suresh kumar Bharaman

    Batista it Indian brand hai yes ya no 🤔


    Waiting for skoda koshaq prize

  • Nikhil Upadhyay
    Nikhil Upadhyay

    Why 3 videos on kiger and 1 video on magnite ?

  • Navyash Saroha
    Navyash Saroha

    Make a video on nissan gtr

  • Moncy Bhaskaran
    Moncy Bhaskaran

    Is CVT better? I've heard there ain't any lag if we drive CVT How about maintenance cost of CVT?


    Well done rachit bhai

  • Vishal Pithadia
    Vishal Pithadia

    1st time buyer ke liye sahi hai ye

  • TheNsahaf

    Renult is a waste of money bad service and and in 1 year car is done

  • Jitu panging
    Jitu panging

    Renault duster 2021 model aayega ya nahi?pls rply

  • Aryan Patel
    Aryan Patel

    Please make vdo on performance of Nexon Ev on ghats with 5 people .

  • Subhashish Gaur
    Subhashish Gaur

    Nakli reviewer

  • Barwalmotorz

    I always wanted to work with motoroctane team..... It's my dream

  • Barwalmotorz

    Nice 👍👏

  • Dude D
    Dude D

    Don't go for will regret

  • Jijo Kurian
    Jijo Kurian

    AMT model milage?

  • Himanshu Mulik
    Himanshu Mulik


  • gaurav patidar
    gaurav patidar

    Bhai ek jeep compass ka petrol aur diesel variant s model ka compass karo. Automatic aur DCT ka antar bhi samjho


    app ke review videos bohat achai hote hai


    kiger is nice compact suv

  • Shantanu Sonune
    Shantanu Sonune

    Paid review 😟😟😂

  • Dinesh Kakadiya
    Dinesh Kakadiya

    Make vedio on jeep wranglar rubicon addition

  • Gaurav Mazumdar
    Gaurav Mazumdar

    Cvt turbo please


    Front se toh pura Kwid h

  • Dhaval Andipara
    Dhaval Andipara

    Pls give a review of turbo cvt of kiger


    Plz make a variant video of nissan magnite also plz plz🥺

  • Rakesh Sharma
    Rakesh Sharma

    Don't buy Renault cars if your life is important for you they look like super cars but not a safer cars

  • Rakesh Sharma
    Rakesh Sharma

    Don't buy Renault cars if your life is important for you they look like super cars but not a safer cars

  • Vedang Tike
    Vedang Tike

    Harrier videos plsss

  • Sourabh Panse
    Sourabh Panse

    Kiger vs magnite which 1 is better ?

  • Himanshu Mulik
    Himanshu Mulik

    Max. Detail provided by you ✌️👍

  • Himanshu Mulik
    Himanshu Mulik

    Nice work !

  • Himanshu Mulik
    Himanshu Mulik

    Please make one video on Hyundai Sonata

  • Rajan Sodha
    Rajan Sodha

    cvt ka bhi review kariye

  • आshu

    tatti car

  • Sauryavardhan Singh
    Sauryavardhan Singh

    Need owner review of Mahindra cars . Heard that services are not good but want to hear it from a owner

  • raviteja0544

    I20 D or kiger turbo ?

  • Santosh Dalal
    Santosh Dalal

    That was xuv 500

  • Pushpendra Singh Chouhan
    Pushpendra Singh Chouhan

    Jitna jyda kiger ke video dekhta ja rha hu, yeh kwid banti ja rhi h😂

  • Ansh Chaturvedi
    Ansh Chaturvedi

    1.99 million subscribeers

  • Japinder Singh
    Japinder Singh

    Bhaiya Pait Nikal Aya Hai Apka. Please Take Care

  • Dr.Baliram Patil
    Dr.Baliram Patil

    I think Rachit is very big fan of kugei

  • sahib khan
    sahib khan

    cvt pr video kab ayee ge🤔

  • Anwar Sadique
    Anwar Sadique

    He delivers want I want to hear. Thanks . Jst be I got my kigar amt but felt it's under power but for city drive it's superb. Going for a long drive, will update d status

    • Rakesh Botadkar
      Rakesh Botadkar

      How is the engine noise inside cabin bro?


    Please bring customer review of XL6 🥺

  • Aditya Rohila
    Aditya Rohila

    Pls make video of Magnite cvt & kiger amt

  • Aryan Rathor
    Aryan Rathor

    Make video on Nissan magnite

  • Basit Rehan
    Basit Rehan

    kwid rxz turbo manual ka iske sab rivals k sath ek vdo bnayie jese apne magnite k liye bnaya ta.

  • docamitoph

    What kind of mileage can we expect from.this ??

  • mint del
    mint del

    Your body language says the vehicle is 3rd class

  • Left Blank
    Left Blank

    bhai please xuv 300 and xuv 500 owner review


    Nice but if get opportunities make owners review of tata safari 2021

  • Mayank Sharma
    Mayank Sharma

    Sir please review all new innova crysta vx Mt

  • Dhananjay Dave
    Dhananjay Dave

    2M soon

  • Shreyans Jalan
    Shreyans Jalan

    kya yaar kiger kiger 😡😡😡

  • pushkar awasthi
    pushkar awasthi

    I have a shoulder wall puncture in my 15000km running tyre n i dont want to change because of financial reasons. So what is the best way to repair n have piece of mind because no one risk thier lives. Planning leh ladakh in upcoming months so please suggest n guide me the right thing. (Shoulder puncture is just 1inch away from thread area). Thanks

  • Gamer Priya
    Gamer Priya

    To The Early Squad Reading This: Sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who need it stay safe read my name💖

  • S S
    S S

    How is it vs Nexon AMT?

  • Sibin Christian
    Sibin Christian

    What's the price?

  • Sagar Thacker
    Sagar Thacker

    VW will launch his next car rival again creta in which month

  • maiphrang Longmailai
    maiphrang Longmailai

    I don't understand why Renault is not working on the refinement of the engine.. The engine sound is really disturbing.. Does the turbo engine sounds the same?

  • shivang verma
    shivang verma

    2million coming soon ❤️❤️

  • A. Masood
    A. Masood

    I 20 vs this which is better?

  • shivang verma
    shivang verma

    Magnite is more good than kiger I have drived both the cars and magnite is fabulous