Top 10 Cars in April 2021 - All Details
Which have been the best selling cars in India in March and April 2021? We share all the details on it.
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    • Aum SRoy
      Aum SRoy

      Bhaiya xl5 kab aega?????pls pls reply

    • Bapurao sapkale
      Bapurao sapkale

      Sir plzz comapre layo specially with kiger,nexon, brezza, sonet, urban cruser, magnite, xuv300

  • Aniruddha Guttal
    Aniruddha Guttal

    Nexon ??

  • Shivang sharma
    Shivang sharma

    Top 20 bhi banao please

  • Suman Biswas
    Suman Biswas

    Why didn't u consider any tata car???

  • Appu Pareet
    Appu Pareet

    Is wagonr a good car to buy ?

  • shubham khanna
    shubham khanna

    People say that TATA engine gets more noisy by the passing time (3-5 years), along with the rattling sound. Is it so? I wanna buy Nexon, but is it true about the engine noise?

  • Ayush Singh
    Ayush Singh

    Maruti maruti and maruti

  • Young Rebel
    Young Rebel

    Maruti ki Jai ho !!!

  • Paru's world of innovations
    Paru's world of innovations

    Would be good if mileage is mentioned

  • aniruddha salunke
    aniruddha salunke

    how can worst cars in terms of safety can be top cars?? I guess its high time, safety , reliability and comfort should be included rather than cars by numbers

  • Navneet Kumar
    Navneet Kumar

    Maruti Suzuki ke gaaidya always say jisko marna ha wo mere ko le lo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • D_02_Abhishek Minj
    D_02_Abhishek Minj

    Title should be "top 10 best selling cars in April 2021" I misunderstood it and thought that these are ranked based on your thoughts 😅

  • ravi d
    ravi d

    Maruti knows the pulse of Indian market.. Hyundai spoiled the front look of most cars with unnecessary chrome grill.

  • kiran mohadikar
    kiran mohadikar

    Which is the best selling variant of Creta?

  • Mohtaseeb Official
    Mohtaseeb Official

    Nissan Magnite.....💕💕 My Design....💕❣️💕 4,star safety rating + Good Looking....❣️

  • Nabras Mohammed
    Nabras Mohammed

    What the hell? Alto was part the LIST OF CARD TO AVOID. Now it’s part of best cars tp buy! I thought your advices were reliable.

  • Vishal Patel
    Vishal Patel

    In your list why tata altroz not available? Kia sonet not available? Kia seltos not available? Tata tiago not available? Tata harrier not available ? Why mahindra not available? Xuv 300 is also good option

    • Adityan r varier
      Adityan r varier

      This is a list of best selling cars of april 2021...the title is surely misleading one.

  • Shivam Sahay
    Shivam Sahay

    Why no one talk about i20

  • kowstav bordoloi ❶
    kowstav bordoloi ❶

    Bought a nexon on 4 5th April😊

  • ravi shankar kumar
    ravi shankar kumar

    In sab mai sabse best car kaun sa hai sale per mat jaaye feature security ke hisab se bataye sir. Plz

  • Shoeb Riyaz
    Shoeb Riyaz

    Chutiya acha bna lete ho...... Thumbnail kuch or lga rhe ho.... Bta kuch or rhe ho...

  • tech vehicles activities
    tech vehicles activities

    nexon is the best wow cars.👌👌safty , average, looking, performance, like a wow............

  • Tridib Sarma
    Tridib Sarma

    Wrong tag line..these may not be the top 10 car, they're just top ten most selling car. Alto is at number 4 for which you have already suggested that people should stop buying in your previous video 😂! So in my opinion these info are useless 🙏

  • karan veer
    karan veer

    What the hell why people don't buy honda, jeep...... maruti suzuki is 3rd class


    Only maruti suzuki tin cans gonna Stop like swift dzire ciaz alto spresso baleno. . Only scorss (Fiat/suzuki partnership car) Vitara will be continued

    • Adityan r varier
      Adityan r varier

      Swift is good outside india... If that comes go india then 🔥🔥

  • Daily Evolution
    Daily Evolution

    The UK car market is volatile and competitive - but cars that enjoy sales success in Britain usually don’t perform nearly as well on the global stage as a whole.

  • Varad Kasar
    Varad Kasar

    Where is TATA man ??

  • Azhar Shaikh
    Azhar Shaikh

    Sir apka birthday kabhi hai? Mujhe apko belt gift krna h

  • aayush bansal
    aayush bansal

    This is very sad.


    Plz plz plz make a video on why sedans are dying in Indian market

    • Adityan r varier
      Adityan r varier

      Lack of availability of compact suvs at that time may be... All we had was tata sumo, toyota qualiz, cheverle tavera, scorpio, tata aria....,that were not everyones taste.... Also there were expensive good lookingsuvs like honda crv, mitsubushi outlander,skoda yeti,endeavour, safari, But sedans were quite there, ford ikon, suzuki esteem, sx4,lancer, indica manza, mahindra logan, dezire, verna etc


      @Adityan r varier Were the roads better in the last decade?

    • Adityan r varier
      Adityan r varier

      Its quite known... Road conditions in india.. Its good if you have a car with high ground clearence.... Thats why people opt for espresso too.

  • Sukhdev Kataria
    Sukhdev Kataria

    You are mad Tata is the best

  • Jit Nayak
    Jit Nayak

    Tata Mahindra ki ek v gaadi nhi🙄🙄🙄sb k sb tin cans kharidne mei lagey hue hai..

  • Ranjana Simpi
    Ranjana Simpi

    Sad to see EcoSport and nexon are not there.

  • Mayur Mahindrakar
    Mayur Mahindrakar

    Rachit mentioned it depends on reach of the manufacturer and network A few months back we used to see Kia seltos or sonet in this list who definitely has less network compared to Tata motors however i have never seen any Tata Motors cars in top 10 Kia has their manufacturing capacity constraints and they need to distribute their 20000 units capacity in seltos, sonet and carnival so none of them are able to get past 12000 even after demand So according to me it depends on demand as well as manufacturer's ability to fulfill the demand and not only dependent on the network

  • New Assamese 1.0
    New Assamese 1.0

    Tin can's are on top

  • Minakshi Dewangan
    Minakshi Dewangan


  • shaik fuzail
    shaik fuzail

    Baleno rocks🤩

    • New Assamese 1.0
      New Assamese 1.0

      Build quality shoks

  • PRO

    Looks like you follow Car Guru. Btw like ur videos

  • Sourav Chattopadhyay
    Sourav Chattopadhyay

    Indian people can sacrifice their Safety.. lekin mileage & resale value hona zyada zaroori hai.. 7 out of 10 from Maruti (Tina ka dabba)

  • Arun

    Thank god its not alto this time

  • Urvi Tilak
    Urvi Tilak

    Please make video on Swift vs i10nios

  • AlphaKing 07
    AlphaKing 07

    Tata ❤️

  • Devyanshi Bakshi
    Devyanshi Bakshi

    Make video xuv300 vs Bolero


    Nice video 👌👌

  • anish madhukar
    anish madhukar

    lat time in the month of december suzuki swith was in the 1st place in number of sales

  • Ahmed Shamsi
    Ahmed Shamsi

    Why magnite is not in top 10

  • Irfan mondal
    Irfan mondal

    You can Rely on Ford Ford Ecosport is a Beast and Service and showroom experience is Also Way above Excellent

  • Abdul wahab Khan
    Abdul wahab Khan

    Plz tell me it is worth to buy mg hector plus.

  • modified status
    modified status

    Tata did better than maruti and Hyundai in the last mont 🙏

  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh

    Bro Creta bas apne E varient ki wajeh se top 10 mein hai. Although the best, my next purchase for sure. The wait time ia killing though 😂


    Altros ❤️


    Out of top 10 7 are from Maruti and 3 from Hyundai. That shows there is some limitation as far as other companies are concerned. Something is lacking in their marketing. Out of 7 of Maruti - Baleno and Brezza are under 5 years old and all other models are over 10 years old with some cosmetic changes but yet they keep retaining their places in top 10 month after month year after year. Chants of safety tin ka dabba etc or herd mentality sound hollow when you look at these numbers. Relentless efforts of some MRforrs to highlight the lack of safety in Suzuki cars appears laughable as Maruti seems to be having the last laugh month after month

  • Yashasvi Pratap Singh
    Yashasvi Pratap Singh

    This sales chart shows that what kind of built quality we are demanding. Already many of us have very very poor driving skil ( no traffic rule).

  • Swapnil

    top 10 me almost all maruti cars hoti hi hai including ECCO,obviously top 20 me other brands ki hi cars hogi q k maruti ki cars top 10 me hai :p

  • Ekalavya Verma
    Ekalavya Verma

    When will car review video will come

  • Kumar Ankit
    Kumar Ankit

    Very bad list fo safety reason all maruti car

  • Tanveer Zaidi
    Tanveer Zaidi

    Tata cars sales were the most among other car brands but still not even one car of Tata is in the list. Sad

  • Rail Lover Sayan.
    Rail Lover Sayan.

    Very Good Information For Top 10 Ki Motor Octane. 👌✌

  • Carimimic

    i cant see alto in AMT variant on suzuki website? is it available in AMT i doubt

  • Vijay Dhone
    Vijay Dhone

    Tata=like Kai=commet


      KIA lovely

  • kanchan Roy
    kanchan Roy

    Mg hector ❤️❤️ is best

  • Yash Valia
    Yash Valia

    Can you please make video on upcoming Ford Territory.

  • R Pranav
    R Pranav

    make videos on top 10 bikes also in march month plz

  • R Pranav
    R Pranav

    make videos on top 10 bikes also in march month plz

  • Deepak Dhankar
    Deepak Dhankar

    Safety doesn't matter for Indian car buyers 😠 that's why no Indian brand in top 10.

  • saurabh

    Why I dont see as many eecos on the road somehow

  • Ravi Agarwal
    Ravi Agarwal

    Was missing this video from months..

  • Sandilya Garimella
    Sandilya Garimella

    Proud owner of creta 2021

  • shubham shrivastava
    shubham shrivastava

    Kiger turbo

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar

    Eeco tho tampo hai

  • Rutul Thorat
    Rutul Thorat

    So it is just MS and Hyundai

  • Abhishek Hampannavar
    Abhishek Hampannavar

    All car companies should give option of EV in all their car's

  • Aviral Pandey
    Aviral Pandey

    Seems like maruti paid you to make this video.

  • Karthik Sathian
    Karthik Sathian

    Only hyundai and Maruti cars😯

  • Raghav Raghav
    Raghav Raghav

    Hey bro, Bro can you pls make a video on Eeco

  • anay prabhu
    anay prabhu

    please make video for top 20 selling car please

  • Saif Ahmad
    Saif Ahmad

    Please make asli test on dzire and swift please Rachit bhai 🙏🥺🙏

  • ketan nagvekar
    ketan nagvekar

    Tiago & Nexon Baap hai....

  • Sauryavardhan Singh
    Sauryavardhan Singh

    any updates on Hyundai alcazar walkaround. please make a video on it

  • Ritu Bhalla
    Ritu Bhalla

    Literally only 1 safe car in top 10 brezza 🌝🌝🌝🌝

  • itzR

    Venue bikti tho bhot hai par road pe dikhti nhi....hai

    • To Be Honest✌
      To Be Honest✌

      @itzR tujhe maanne k liye kon bol rha.. Gobar Tere dimaag me h toh tu hi saaf kr le na.. mene Konsa thekka le rkha hai😁 Venue gaadi achhi hai Par Bdi chotti lgti hai.. Venue se bttr bnda Creta le le..

    • itzR

      @To Be Honest✌ tere kehne se man le road presence nhi ??? Tu kya hai auto expert ??? Boal naa...dimag se gobar nikalo samje...phle Road presence chyie tho train leke gum tu lol

    • To Be Honest✌
      To Be Honest✌

      @itzR bhai aap bhi chutiye ho.. Aapne mera comment dhang se nei padha😀 mene uska hi reply kra h jo aapne bola.😄 Bikti bahut hai par road pe itna koi notice nei krta use..

    • itzR

      @To Be Honest✌ fir tum chutiye ho...apni soch badalo..or dang paro main kya likha hai

    • To Be Honest✌
      To Be Honest✌

      Bhai koi notice hi nei krta..😁 Road presence itni nei😄

  • Mohammad Osaaf
    Mohammad Osaaf

    Brezza offer mild hybrid? What 'bout 71 crore fine on MS for scam in the name of Hybrid.???😕

  • haxim Sayeed
    haxim Sayeed

    i thought mahindra thar would be no 1

  • Aniket Parihar
    Aniket Parihar

    Green screen kharidne ke baad se vo hi use kiya jaa rha h😂

  • deep mathukiya
    deep mathukiya

    maruti to muft me bhi na 10 me ye sab bakeass car hai...maaruti top 10 me ek bhi car nahi honi chahiye


    Yaar thumbnail delh kar laga ki nissan magnite bhi top 10 main hai

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma

    Swift kabhi apni jagah nhi chod ti. Doosro ko yeh moka bhi nhi deti. Jis din sabhi log safety ke liye aware honge uss din tata ki gadiya no.1 pe hogi

    • Tushar Sharma
      Tushar Sharma

      @Shekhar Banerjee i think you are right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Shekhar Banerjee
      Shekhar Banerjee

      In a dream 🤣

  • MR X
    MR X

    Hello Why you doenst mention s cross in any of your vedio is there any defect in it But we buyed it and we are great with it Scross is very underrated car by your channel

  • Akshat Agarwal
    Akshat Agarwal

    Please more videos on mg hector

  • Karan Sharma
    Karan Sharma

    Maruti pe log mehrbaan hain

  • Asphalt 8 gaming
    Asphalt 8 gaming

    What about ford territory motoroctane.

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma

    Sir pls jald se jald owner review laoo. Pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Pramila Kumari
    Pramila Kumari

    Very good

  • Fenil Modi
    Fenil Modi

    Why not tata 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I have tata harrier xz I have best experience

  • Muhammad Januhasan
    Muhammad Januhasan

    I thought I was watching top 10 maruti cars😂

    • Nabras Mohammed
      Nabras Mohammed

      Yeah, bhakwas list

  • krishna Agarwal
    krishna Agarwal

    Ye sabse bekaar video h becuaz of maruti

  • krishna Agarwal
    krishna Agarwal

    Ye kon ghade log h jo is generation m bhi maruti kharidte h

  • shubham lede
    shubham lede

    Tata n mahindra deserved at top

  • Sk Asif
    Sk Asif

    He is so untidy

  • Shanti Gupta
    Shanti Gupta

    The whole car market is grabbed by maruti suzuki very bad we should have tata and mahindra